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    Ranking side hustles I’ve tried from worst to best

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    Ranking side hustles I’ve tried from worst to best

    I've tried a variety of side hustles in my life and in this ranking, I will share my experiences from worst to best. Phone farming takes the fifth spot on my list as passive money-making apps didn't live up to the hype. Drop shipping comes in at number four, with potential if you find the right product but not as easy as it seems. Print on demand takes the third spot, with potential if you can drive traffic to your online store. Selling cheap sunglasses at garage sales secures the number two spot, offering a practical and profitable hustle. Finally, flipping random items on eBay takes the top position as a reliable but unexciting source of income.


    Phone farming, Drop shipping, Print on demand, Selling cheap sunglasses, Flipping on eBay, Side hustle


    1. What is phone farming and why is it ranked low on the list?
    2. Is drop shipping a viable side hustle, despite its ranking on the list?
    3. How does selling cheap sunglasses at garage sales work as a side hustle?
    4. Why is flipping random items on eBay considered the best side hustle among the ones tried?

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