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    Real Time Subtitle To Any Video, Audio, Livestream On Internet Or PC (Google Chrome Live Caption)

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    Real Time Subtitle To Any Video, Audio, Livestream On Internet Or PC (Google Chrome Live Caption)

    Welcome to a new video from How To Windows Today. In this tutorial, we will explore the new feature called "Live Captions" that Google has released for Chrome. This feature allows you to get live subtitles for any video or audio on the internet or your PC. Let's dive into how you can use it.

    To begin, open Google Chrome on your PC. If you don't have Chrome installed, please download and install it as this feature is exclusive to Chrome. Once Chrome is open, you can proceed to any video or audio on the internet. For demonstration, we will use a video from Vimeo that lacks built-in subtitles.

    When the video starts playing, a new icon will appear among the extension icons. Click on it and toggle the feature on. If this is your first time using Live Captions, some files will be downloaded. Following that, subtitles will be displayed at the bottom of the screen in real time.

    You can customize the size of the subtitle pane, adjust timing settings, and even move the pane around. Additionally, Live Captions work seamlessly even with live videos. Whether it's a livestream from YouTube or an offline video on your PC, this feature offers accurate subtitles without the need for pre-existing caption files.

    Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel for more tech tutorials. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you for watching!


    Google Chrome, Live Captions, Real Time Subtitles, Video, Audio, Livestream, Internet, PC, Subtitle Customization, Offline Usage


    1. Can Live Captions on Google Chrome be used for both online and offline videos? Yes, Live Captions on Google Chrome can provide real-time subtitles for both online videos, audio, and livestreams, as well as offline videos on your PC.

    2. Is Live Captions exclusive to Google Chrome? Yes, Live Captions is a feature released by Google for the Chrome browser, and it is not available on other browsers at the moment.

    3. Can Live Captions be customized? Users can customize the Live Captions feature by adjusting the size of the subtitle pane, modifying timing settings, and moving the subtitle display to a preferred location on the screen.

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