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    Rendering MASSIVE VFX Projects on the M1 MAX! - Resolve + After Effects

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    Rendering MASSIVE VFX Projects on the M1 MAX! - Resolve + After Effects

    The M1 Max processor has been making waves in the tech industry, promising impressive performance for demanding tasks like video editing and motion graphics. In a detailed comparison, the script explores how the M1 Max handles rendering massive VFX projects in software like Resolve and After Effects. From launch times to playback performance and render speeds, the script delves deep into the capabilities of the M1 Max, M1 Pro, and even a high-end desktop workstation. The results provide insights into which tasks each device excels at and where the M1 Max truly shines.

    The script highlights the M1 Max's performance in video editing, motion graphics, Resolve, After Effects, GPU utilization, playback performance, render speeds, and comparison with a desktop workstation.


    • M1 Max
    • Video editing
    • Motion graphics
    • Resolve
    • After Effects
    • GPU utilization
    • Playback performance
    • Render speeds
    • Desktop workstation


    • Can the M1 Max handle rendering massive VFX projects efficiently?
    • How does the M1 Max compare to a desktop workstation in terms of performance?
    • Which software shows significant speed improvements on the M1 Max?
    • Are there any limitations in software optimization for the M1 Max in certain tasks like video editing and motion graphics?
    • Is the M1 Max a viable option for professionals working on the go, considering its performance in rendering complex projects?

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