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    Roma Busting TikTok Life Hacks In Real Life!

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    Roma Busting TikTok Life Hacks In Real Life!

    Today, we embarked on a food experiment inspired by TikTok videos, testing out various life hacks involving everyday items like cola, gummy bears, eggs, apples, balloons, lemons, water, hair dryers, and more. From creating squishy eggs to making balloons burst with lemon juice, we put these popular TikTok trends to the test to see if they actually work in real life.

    The video began with the creators pouring cola into a bowl of Mentos, expecting an explosive reaction. However, the experiment didn't quite go as planned, leading them to try different variations to see if they could achieve the desired effect. From charging a phone with apples to creating non-Newtonian fluid and testing out turmeric and baking soda hacks, each segment showcased the creators' reactions and surprises as they tried out these viral food hacks in their own kitchen.


    Cola, Gummy Bears, Squishy Eggs, Charging Phone with Apples, Non-Newtonian Fluid, Turmeric, Baking Soda, TikTok Food Hacks


    1. Do the TikTok food hacks work in real life as shown in the videos?
    2. What was the most surprising experiment the creators conducted during the video?
    3. Were the creators able to successfully charge a phone using apples as shown in the TikTok videos?
    4. Did the experiment with balloons and lemon juice yield the expected results or fail to work?
    5. How did the creators react to the various TikTok food experiments they conducted?

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