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    SECRET Photoshop Photographic Toning. Instantly color grade photos

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    SECRET Photoshop Photographic Toning. Instantly color grade photos


    Hey Cafe Crew! Colin Smith here from In this tutorial, I will show you how to find hidden photographic toning presets in Photoshop and apply them to achieve high-end color grades. Let's get started using a gradient map adjustment layer on a photo. By changing the blend mode to color and adjusting opacity, we can easily add different gradients. But the real magic comes from the hidden photographic toning presets, which I will show you how to access and apply.

    To access the hidden photographic toning presets in Photoshop, you need to open the Gradients panel and select Legacy Gradients. From there, navigate to the Photographic Toning group to find a variety of beautiful presets simulating different film looks. You can apply these presets to the gradient map adjustment layer or drag them directly onto your document to instantly transform the color grade of your photos.

    By experimenting with different gradients, blend modes, opacities, and scale settings, you can achieve unique and professional-looking color grades in Photoshop. Don't forget to explore radial and other gradient types to further enhance the effects. Practice with these hidden presets and techniques to elevate your photo editing skills and create stunning visual results.


    Photoshop, photographic toning presets, color grading, gradient map, blend modes, opacity, gradients panel, legacy gradients, professional color grades, film looks, photo editing.


    1. How can I access the hidden photographic toning presets in Photoshop?
    2. What is the significance of changing the blend mode of the gradient map adjustment layer to color?
    3. How can I enhance the effects of the photographic toning presets by experimenting with different gradient types and settings?

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