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    STEAL Color Grade Of ANY MOVIE! (Premiere Pro)

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    STEAL Color Grade Of ANY MOVIE! (Premiere Pro)

    Wes Anderson, a renowned filmmaker known for his unique style, has recently released his new movie, "Asteroid City." In this tutorial, we will explore how to recreate the look or color grade of this film using Adobe Premiere Pro. By following these steps, you can match the colors of any movie to achieve a similar aesthetic in your own projects.

    To begin, open Premiere Pro and set up your workspace to compare the movie clip you want to match with the reference clip. Utilize the Lumetri Color panel and Scopes to adjust exposure, white balance, and individual colors. By creating and manipulating Lumetri effects, you can fine-tune the color grading to achieve a cohesive look with the desired movie.

    Additionally, by incorporating film grain overlays from Storyblocks, you can further enhance the visual appeal and emulate a cinematic feel in your footage. Adjusting blending modes and applying subtle effects like faded film can contribute to a more authentic and professional finish. With these techniques, you can elevate the color grade of your videos and experiment with different styles to suit your creative vision.


    • Wes Anderson
    • Asteroid City
    • Lumetri Color
    • Color Grading
    • Film Grain Overlays
    • Storyblocks
    • Premiere Pro


    1. How can I match colors from a movie using Premiere Pro?

      • By utilizing the Lumetri Color panel and Scopes in Premiere Pro, you can adjust exposure, white balance, and individual colors to match the aesthetic of a specific movie.
    2. What additional effects can be applied to enhance the color grade of a video?

      • Incorporating film grain overlays from platforms like Storyblocks and adjusting blending modes can add depth and texture to your footage, creating a more cinematic look.
    3. How can Lumetri effects help in fine-tuning the color grading process?

      • Lumetri effects allow you to isolate and manipulate specific colors in your footage, enabling you to match skin tones, skies, and other elements to replicate the color grade of a movie accurately.

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