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    STOP Using Midjourney, Try This FREE AI Image Generator Instead!

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    STOP Using Midjourney, Try This FREE AI Image Generator Instead!

    If you're tired of paying $ 10 per month for Midjourney's AI image generation tool, there are several free alternatives available that can generate high-quality images. In this article, we will explore seven image generators that are completely free to use. We will examine the quality of the images they produce, the additional features they offer, and how truly free they are. By the end of this article, you'll have a new favorite AI image generator that won't cost you a dime.

    Image Generators at a Glance

    1. This tool allows you to create a variety of different images for free. You can select from different open-source models and fine-tune the images to your liking. While there is a credit system in place, you receive 200 credits daily, allowing you to generate a substantial number of images without any additional cost.

    2. Playground AI: Similar to, Playground AI provides a gallery where you can create a range of cool images for free. The canvas feature allows you to dynamically generate and arrange multiple images in one space. You can create up to 500 images per day without any watermarks or limitations.

    3. Bing Image Creator: Powered by Dolly 3, this tool offers a great image generation experience. By utilizing Bing's chat feature, you can generate images with Dolly 3 for free. You can also make specific requests, such as making the image brighter or darker.

    4. Adobe Firefly: With Adobe Firefly, you can access their text to image generation feature. They offer various models, styles, and effects to customize your images. Although there is a credit system in place, the free plan allows for a limited number of monthly generative AI creations.

    5. Leonardo2: Leonardo2 provides stunning, high-quality images generated by its AI models. While the free plan offers a limited number of credits, it still allows you to create a few images per day. The images created with Leonardo2 have incredible detail and style.

    6. Blue Willow: Once a prominent AI image generator, Blue Willow now requires credits to generate images. While they offer a free trial, their credit system limits the number of images you can create without additional cost.

    7. Dream Studio: Dream Studio by Stability AI provides an easy-to-use interface with various style options. You can refine images using different settings and generate high-quality images. While there is a credit system in place, new users receive 25 free credits upon creating an account.


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    1. Are these AI image generators really free?

      • Yes, all the generators mentioned in this article offer free plans that allow you to generate images without any additional cost.
    2. Do these AI image generators have limitations on the number of images you can create?

      • Some generators have daily limits on the number of images you can generate, while others have weekly or monthly limits. Check the specific details of each generator for more information.
    3. Can I use the images generated by these AI image generators commercially?

      • Yes, most of the generators mentioned in this article allow you to use the images commercially without any watermarks or restrictions.
    4. How do I choose the best AI image generator for my needs?

      • Consider factors such as image quality, customization options, available models and styles, and any limitations or credits associated with each generator. Test out different generators to find the one that meets your requirements.
    5. Can I fine-tune and customize the images generated by these AI image generators?

      • Yes, many of the generators offer customization features, allowing you to adjust image quality, size, modes, and other parameters to create images that align with your vision.


    Instead of paying for Midjourney's AI image generation tool, you can opt for one of these free alternatives. Whether you choose, Playground AI, Bing Image Creator, Adobe Firefly, Leonardo2, Blue Willow, or Dream Studio, you can generate high-quality images without spending a dime. Explore the various features and options offered by each generator to find the best fit for your image generation needs.

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