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    SVG Explained in 100 Seconds

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    SVG Explained in 100 Seconds

    Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG is an image format that functions similarly to HTML but for 2D graphics. In contrast to raster images like PNG or JPEG that use pixels to create an image, SVGs are based on geometry, allowing them to be scaled to any size without losing resolution. This article delves into the basics of SVG, including how to create them using tools like Figma or Illustrator, or by directly writing the code. It also explains the process of defining coordinate systems, drawing basic shapes, utilizing CSS for styling, incorporating interactivity and animation, and creating complex artwork with the path element.

    SVGs have revolutionized the way vector graphics are utilized on the web, offering a scalable and versatile solution for creating visually appealing and interactive graphics.


    SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics, HTML, 2D graphics, raster images, PNG, JPEG, geometry, Figma, Illustrator, styling, CSS, interactivity, animation, path element, coordinate systems, basic shapes, artwork, vector graphics, web graphics


    1. What is SVG and how does it differ from raster images like PNG or JPEG?
    2. How can SVGs be created, and what tools can be used to generate them?
    3. What are some key features of SVGs that make them ideal for web graphics?
    4. How does CSS play a role in styling SVG elements?
    5. What is the significance of the path element in creating complex artwork using SVG?

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