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    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra TIPS, TRICKS & HIDDEN FEATURES!!!

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    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra TIPS, TRICKS & HIDDEN FEATURES!!!

    Are you the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? If so, you're in luck! In this article, we will explore some of the best tips, tricks, and hidden features of this incredible device. From the amazing 200-megapixel camera to the S Pen customization options, and powerful tools, you'll become a pro in no time. Let's dive in!

    Pro Tips

    Let's start with some pro tips that will enhance your user experience. Did you know that you can temporarily mute your phone by swiping out on the Quick Settings menu and tapping and holding on the sound icon? This feature allows you to choose a custom time or a couple of hours to mute your device, relieving you of the need to manually turn the sound back on later.

    Another cool tip is to add a brand new battery widget to your home screen. There are two different types to choose from, and you can customize them further by adjusting transparency and selecting which devices to show. This way, you'll have the perfect battery widget tailored to your needs.

    A game-changer for gamers is the ability to pause USB power delivery while charging the phone through the charger. By opening the Game Booster settings and enabling the "Pause USB Power Delivery" option, your device will only power the Snapdragon chip instead of directly charging the battery, which can help prevent overheating.

    S Pen Customization

    If you've never used the S Pen before, you're missing out. The S23 Ultra offers some fantastic features that will change your mind. Head over to the Advanced Features section in the settings and tap on S Pen. Toggle on "S Pen Unlock" to automatically unlock your phone with a click of the S Pen button after entering your screen pin or pattern.

    But that's not all! The S Pen can also be turned into a wand. By clicking the button while watching YouTube, you can pause and play content. It can also be used to navigate through your gallery, adjust volume on Spotify, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

    Download the "Pentastic" app from the Galaxy Store to take S Pen customization to the next level. You can choose a custom pointer, select from a variety of default options, and even change the sound it makes when you remove or insert the S Pen. Get creative and personalize your S Pen experience!

    Screenshot Features

    The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers several impressive screenshot features. With Smart Select, you can easily screenshot any specific part of your screen and save it in your gallery. But that's not all. You can now select and highlight text within a screenshot and copy or share it wherever you want.

    You can also hide the status and navigation bars in screenshots. Simply toggle on the "Hide Status and Navigation Bar" option in the Screenshots section of the Advanced Features settings. This way, your screenshots will display only the important content without any distractions.

    Gallery Features

    The Gallery features of the S23 Ultra are truly remarkable. Holding down on any picture will automatically separate the subject from the background and save it as a PNG image. This function works on people, objects, and even animals. The feature is incredibly handy for creating memorable compositions.

    Object Erase is another exciting feature that enables you to remove undesired elements from pictures. Tap on multiple subjects, hit the "Erase" button, and watch as the background is magically erased, leaving your photo free from unwanted distractions. This feature is not limited to pictures in your gallery; it works on any picture.

    The Remaster Picture option uses AI to enhance photos, making them look their best by filling in missing information and optimizing the results. Additionally, you can add portrait effects to non-portrait pictures, bringing depth to any photo. Play around with these features to uncover stunning editing possibilities.

    200-Megapixel Camera

    The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts an incredible 200-megapixel camera. To access this mode, click on the aspect ratio button and select the 200-megapixel option. By zooming in physically and taking the picture, you can capture the maximum level of detail. The 200-megapixel camera produces astonishing results even when photographing objects.

    Samsung has introduced Expert RAW into the camera app, allowing you to adjust ISO, speed, megapixels, and focus all within the camera interface. RAW photos retain all the details and offer more flexibility when editing your pictures after capturing them.

    Video Features

    The S23 Ultra's video features are equally impressive. The Hyperlapse mode contains a hidden gem that allows you to capture the movement of stars. By turning on the Star Trails option, you can capture breathtaking Astro Hyperlapse videos. Make sure to toggle on the Super Steady option for the smoothest videos, even while in motion.

    Additional Features and Tips

    • Personalize your call screen background for each contact by editing their contact details and selecting a custom background.
    • Set multiple timers with the ability to start as many as you need for different durations.
    • Find all your connected devices, such as headphones, TVs, and watches, in one convenient location under "Connected Devices" in your settings.
    • Take advantage of extra brightness and extra dim features to make your screen visible in any lighting conditions.
    • Increase the screen resolution to get the sharpest visuals on your device.
    • Ensure your device's security and privacy by utilizing features such as maintenance mode, scanning for threats, and enabling two-factor authentication.


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    • Q: Can I use the S Pen as a remote control for my phone?

      • A: Yes, the S Pen can act as a remote control for various functions such as pausing and playing content, navigating through the gallery, and adjusting volume on apps like Spotify.
    • Q: How can I capture the movement of stars with the S23 Ultra?

      • A: Open the hyperlapse mode, tap the small icon in the top right corner, and enable the "300 times" option. Make sure to also toggle on the "Star Trails" option to capture Astro Hyperlapse videos.
    • Q: Can I customize the call screen background for each contact?

      • A: Yes, you can personalize the call screen background for each contact by editing their contact details and selecting a custom background.
    • Q: How can I enhance the security and privacy of my device?

      • A: Utilize features such as maintenance mode, scanning for threats, and enabling two-factor authentication to ensure your device's security and privacy.
    • Q: Can I adjust the screen brightness for different lighting conditions?

      • A: Yes, you can use the extra brightness and extra dim features to make your screen visible in any lighting situation.
    • Q: How can I access the 200-megapixel camera mode?

      • A: Click on the aspect ratio button and select the 200-megapixel option to capture stunningly detailed photos.

    These are just a few of the incredible tips, tricks, and hidden features that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has to offer. Explore the full capabilities of this device and make the most out of your smartphone experience.

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