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    Samsung M33 5G : Change These 15 Settings To Use Your Phone Like A Pro

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    Samsung M30 Phase: Change These 15 Settings To Use Your Phone Like A Pro

    If you have recently purchased or are considering buying the Samsung Galaxy M30 Phase, there are a few settings you should change in order to optimize your phone usage. In this article, we will guide you through 15 settings that will help you make the most out of your phone.

    1. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps: Remove any apps that you do not use or do not want, as they can take up storage space and cause clutter.

    2. Disable Samsung Pay Shortcut: If you do not use Samsung Pay or find it unnecessary, you can remove the shortcut from the bottom of your phone screen to prevent any disturbance.

    3. Enable Fingerprint Scanner: Set up fingerprint recognition for secure access to your phone.

    4. Set APN: Configure your Access Point Name (APN) settings to ensure proper internet connection.

    5. Disable Samsung Select: Turn off the Samsung Select feature to remove unnecessary recommendations and promotions.

    6. Enable Do Not Disturb: Utilize the Do Not Disturb mode to mute notifications and calls during specific periods, ensuring uninterrupted usage.

    7. Enable Dolby Atmos: Enhance audio quality by turning on Dolby Atmos in the sound settings.

    8. Use Secure Folder: Store private and sensitive information in the Secure Folder feature for added security.

    9. Enable Call & Text On Other Devices: If you have other Samsung devices, you can enable this feature to make and receive calls or texts from your phone on these devices.

    10. Enable Double Tap to Wake & Sleep: Activate the double-tap feature on the screen to quickly wake or put your phone to sleep.

    11. Adjust Brightness Control: Set the brightness control to adjust with a single tap instead of requiring two taps for optimal convenience.

    12. Enable Easy Unlock: Remove the need to tap on "OK" after entering your PIN or password to unlock your phone quickly.

    13. Disable Biometric Security in Lockscreen: If you prefer not to use facial recognition to unlock your phone, you can disable this feature.

    14. Disable Show Number During Calls: Disable the option that displays a contact's phone number during calls, providing a cleaner and less cluttered view.

    15. Optimize Battery Charging: Limit the maximum charging level on your phone to 85% to prevent overcharging and prolong battery life.

    These settings will help you customize your Samsung Galaxy M30 Phase to enhance your overall experience and usage of the phone.

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    1. How do I uninstall unnecessary apps on my Samsung Galaxy M30 Phase?
    • To uninstall apps, go to Settings > Apps and select the app you want to remove. Tap on "Uninstall" to remove the app from your phone.
    1. Can I disable the Samsung Pay shortcut on my phone?
    • Yes, you can disable the Samsung Pay shortcut by going to Settings > Display > Home screen > Quick Open Samsung Pay. Toggle the switch to turn it off.
    1. How do I enable fingerprint recognition on my phone?
    • To set up fingerprint recognition, go to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Fingerprints. Follow the instructions to register your fingerprint.
    1. How can I adjust the brightness control on my Samsung Galaxy M30 Phase?
    • To adjust the brightness control, go to Settings > Display > Brightness. Set the brightness slider to your desired level.
    1. How can I optimize battery charging on my phone?
    • To optimize battery charging, go to Settings > Battery > Charging. Enable the option for "Optimize battery charging" and set the maximum charging level to 85%.

    These are just a few examples of the settings you can change on your Samsung Galaxy M30 Phase to optimize your phone usage.

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