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    Script Formatting in Google Docs - Short and Simple - 2019

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    Script Formatting in Google Docs - Short and Simple - 2019

    Formatting a script in Google Docs can be made easier with a few key tips. Here's a breakdown of the basic format:

    • Choose the font style Courier New and the appropriate size.
    • Start a new scene with a slug line in all caps, indicating whether it is interior or exterior, followed by the location and time of day.
    • Describe actions without indentation.
    • Indent five times for dialogue, and tab over for character names.
    • Use the ruler function to keep dialogue lines under five and a half inches.
    • Keep character names in all caps or capitalize them for the first appearance.
    • Maintain proper spacing between elements in your script.

    There you have it, the essential script formatting techniques for writing in Google Docs. These guidelines will help you organize your script effectively and efficiently.


    Script formatting, Google Docs, courier new font, slug line, interior, exterior, action description, dialogue indentation, character names, spacing, writing techniques


    1. Why is choosing the right font and format important in script writing? Selecting the appropriate font and formatting style helps make your script professional and easier to read for yourself and others who may review or collaborate on the script.

    2. What is a slug line, and why is it used in scripts? A slug line is a vital element in a script that sets the scene by indicating the location, time of day, and whether it is interior or exterior. It helps provide context for the reader and the production team.

    3. Why is proper spacing and indentation crucial in script formatting? Correct spacing and indentation make your script organized and easy to follow, which is essential for clarity during production and reading purposes. Improper spacing can lead to confusion and make the script harder to read.

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