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    Script to Ai Video Generator & Monetize Ai Video | Text to Speech | Ai Video kaise banaye

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    Script to Ai Video Generator & Monetize Ai Video | Text to Speech | Ai Video kaise banaye

    This site offers an easy way to create YouTube videos and generate videos for Instagram within minutes. Simply input your script, and the video will be automatically created. You even have the option to clone your voice or use the provided voices. The videos created are copyright-free, and you can upload them on YouTube as well. So, feel free to watch the videos without any worries.

    To get started, sign up for an account by clicking on "Sign Up." Enter your full name, email, and password, accept the terms and conditions, and create your account. Once your account is created, you can explore the features of the site, including voice cloning and video creation.

    Creating a video is simple. Click on "Create" and choose from three options: "I have audio and video," "I just need you with some visuals," or "I already have video audio." For this example, we will start from scratch. Enter the goal of your video and the desired tone. Then, input or copy-paste your script into the provided space. You can also record your own voice or clone it.

    After selecting the voice, review the script and make any necessary changes. Once you are satisfied, you can download the audio by clicking on the three dots. Choose the video orientation (landscape or portrait), and select the media source for images and videos. You can choose from stock images, internet images, GIFs, and generated images.

    Once you have reviewed your choices, click on "Create" and wait for the process to complete. When finished, click on the video, and the editing page will open. Here, you can make further adjustments to the clips, including changing media sources, splitting clips, adding your own videos or images, and adjusting text settings.

    When you are satisfied with the video, click on "Download Video" to save the final product. The video will be downloaded without any watermarks. You can also set the video as private and customize other settings as desired.


    • Ai Video Generator
    • Monetize Ai Video
    • Text to Speech
    • YouTube videos
    • Instagram videos
    • Voice cloning
    • Copyright-free videos
    • Video creation


    1. Can I use my own voice instead of the provided voices? Yes, you have the option to record your own voice or clone it using the site's features.

    2. Are the videos created copyright-free? Yes, the videos generated through this site are copyright-free, allowing you to use them without any legal restrictions.

    3. Can I monetize the videos created using this site? Yes, you can monetize the videos on platforms like YouTube if you use your own voice or content and comply with the platform's guidelines.

    4. Is it necessary to sign up for an account to use this site? Yes, creating an account is required to access the features and create videos using this site.

    5. Can I customize the appearance and style of the videos? Yes, you can adjust various settings such as text placement, font size, font family, and video filters to customize the appearance of your videos.

    6. Are there any limitations on the number of videos I can create for free? Currently, you can create videos for free using this site, but it's advised to check for any possible future changes or limitations.

    7. Can I upload my own images and videos to use in the videos? Yes, you can upload your own images and videos to use in the videos. The site provides options to add custom media from your own files.

    8. Is there a mobile app available for using this site? As of now, it appears that the site is accessible only through a web browser and does not have a dedicated mobile app.

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