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    Send your Online Invitation using Canva (with RSVP Tracking)

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    Send your Online Invitation using Canva (with RSVP Tracking)

    Designing and sending digital invitations has never been easier with Canva's new app. Whether you're planning a party or a wedding, Canva's Cards feature allows you to create personalized and engaging digital invitations. Follow these simple steps to turn your Canva design into an interactive digital invitation with 3D cards:

    1. Start by designing your perfect invitation on Canva. Choose from a variety of free and paid templates to suit your event theme.
    2. Once your design is ready, click on "Share" and then "More" to access available apps. Search for the "Creed eCards" app by typing "3D cards" in the search bar.
    3. Select the pages you want to include in your e-card, up to two pages are allowed.
    4. Click on "View and Create eCards" to be redirected to the Creed eCards website.
    5. Log into your Creed eCards account and enter the event details such as date, time, location, and RSVP information.
    6. Customize your e-card by choosing a background and colors that match your event theme.
    7. Once satisfied with your e-card, click "Publish" to send it to your friends and loved ones.

    Sending online invitations with Canva's Cards feature is a breeze and allows you to track RSVPs effortlessly.


    Canva, digital invitations, 3D cards, personalized, RSVP tracking, event planning, online invitations, Creed eCards, design templates.


    1. Can I design and send digital invitations directly from Canva? Yes, with Canva's new app, you can design and send digital invitations with ease, including personalized and engaging features like 3D cards.

    2. How many pages can I include in my e-card using Canva's Cards feature? You can include up to two pages in your e-card when using Canva's Cards feature for designing digital invitations.

    3. Is RSVP tracking available when sending online invitations through Canva? Yes, Canva's Cards feature allows you to track RSVPs, making it convenient for event planning and guest management.

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