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    Settings for Susocial: TikTok Growth Hacking & Automation Strategy, Proxy Managers, & Timers

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    Settings for Susocial: TikTok Growth Hacking & Automation Strategy, Proxy Managers, & Timers

    Hey everyone, it's Jonathan Coast here. In today's free automation training, I want to talk about traffic generation and how you can leverage automation software called Susocial for TikTok growth hacking. I've been using this platform since 2017 on multiple accounts and have found it to be quite effective.

    I'm currently running ads on Facebook and getting good reach, but I've also been reminiscing about my days using automation tools like Jarvee and Mass Planner. So, I wanted to share my insights on using Susocial for TikTok growth hacking.

    Before we dive into the details, I want to give credit to T Clinger, who is in charge of a website I use called The Social Proxy. It offers high-quality 5G and 4G mobile private proxies, which are essential for rotating proxies to avoid flagging your accounts and IP addresses due to excessive traffic signals.

    Now, let's get started with the setup and strategy for TikTok growth hacking using Susocial.

    Steps for TikTok Automation

    1. You'll need a Windows PC or a Virtual Private Server (VPS). I recommend using a platform like Shadow PC for automation purposes.
    2. Get a proxy – The Social Proxy offers reliable and high-quality proxies that you can use for your automation tools.
    3. Sign up for a Susocial account. They have various plans that cover multiple social media platforms.
    4. Set up your social profiles and add TikTok accounts. Give each account a recognizable name.
    5. Connect your profiles to the proxy manager and ensure the proxy status is valid.
    6. Open the browser within Susocial, log in to your TikTok account.
    7. Customize your automation settings using the tools and settings options in Susocial.
    8. Make sure to follow recommended limits for actions like follows and unfollows to keep your accounts safe.
    9. Use the "Follow Sources" option to enter keywords or niches related to your TikTok account to target specific users.
    10. Toggle on the status to start the automations.
    11. You can copy settings from one account to another using the account tools and global copy settings feature.

    Remember, these settings and recommendations are just guidelines. Automation depends on your risk tolerance, so always be cautious and test with a few profiles before scaling up.

    Proxy Settings and Recommendations

    To ensure smooth automation, it's crucial to set up your proxy correctly. Here are some tips:

    1. Add proxy details – Fill in the proxy IP, port, username, and password.
    2. Verify the proxy and ensure its status is valid.
    3. Connect each account to a specific proxy and verify its validity.
    4. Double-check that the proxy details are accurately reflected before verifying the account.

    Keep in mind that these settings are essential but can vary based on your specific needs and preferences. Feel free to reach out if you encounter any issues or have questions.

    I encourage you to visit MP Social, a forum where you can find more information about TikTok, as well as other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube marketing. They have a strong community and are actively involved in discussing various automation strategies.

    If you want a comprehensive understanding of this topic, I recommend checking out my previous videos: "Why I Readjusted My Jarvee and Mass Planner Strategy" and "Best Alternatives to Jarvee Using Susocial." These videos cover everything from strategy to recommended tools and proxies.

    Please explore my Artificial Intelligence and Automation playlist for more in-depth content on these topics.


    • TikTok growth hacking
    • TikTok automation
    • Susocial
    • Proxy managers
    • Timers
    • TikTok automation strategies
    • Jarvee
    • Mass Planner
    • Traffic generation
    • Social media marketing


    1. Can Susocial be used for other social media platforms? Yes, Susocial supports various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

    2. Is using automation tools like Susocial safe for my TikTok account? While automation tools can be effective for growth hacking, there is always a risk involved. Follow the recommended limits and best practices to minimize any potential issues or account flags.

    3. How many accounts can be connected to one 5G or 4G proxy? A maximum of 10 accounts can be accommodated by each 5G and 4G proxy.

    4. Can I copy settings from one TikTok account to another in Susocial? Yes, Susocial allows you to copy settings from one account to another, making it easier to set up multiple accounts with similar preferences and automation strategies.

    5. Where can I find reliable proxies for automation tools like Susocial? The Social Proxy, mentioned in this article, offers high-quality proxies that are specifically designed for automation tools. Other platforms like Black Hat World and NP Social also provide proxy services.

    Please remember to exercise caution and responsibility when using automation tools to ensure the long-term growth and success of your TikTok account.

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