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    Shopify Video Creator Apps: The Top 7 Ranked

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    Shopify Video Creator Apps: The Top 7 Ranked

    Are you looking for the best video creator apps for your Shopify store? In this article, we will explore the top video creator apps that can help you easily create custom videos for product ads, general store ads, and more. These apps are designed to simplify the video editing process and cater to various needs, from desktop to mobile use. Let's dive into the features, pricing, and why you should consider using these video creator apps to enhance your Shopify store.

    Hey everyone, it's Jamie here from Shopify Masterclass. Today, I'll be discussing the best video creator apps for your Shopify store. These apps will help you create custom videos for your products or store promotions with ease. Stay tuned as I review the features, pricing, and advantages of each app.

    V Dot IO

    V Dot IO is an online video editor that has gained popularity for its ease of use and affordability. It offers tools for creating images to videos, text to videos, subtitles, cropping, merging, and more. With clients like Spotify, Facebook, and Netflix, it's a trusted platform for video creation. The pricing starts at $ 24 CAD per month for essential features like 1080p resolution, unlimited file uploads, and resizing for different platforms.


    Canva, known for its image editing capabilities, now offers powerful video editing tools. It's a free video editor with options for creating various video types like TikTok videos, YouTube clips, and more. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of templates, Canva is a great choice for creating engaging videos at no cost.


    For Mac and iOS users, iMovie is a full-fledged video editing tool that is available for free. While it may not have all the advanced features, it's a great option for creating videos on Apple devices.


    Wave.Video provides tools for live streaming, video editing, hosting, and recording. With a stock library of over 2 million assets, it offers customizable templates and basic video editing features. The pricing starts at $ 20 per month for access to the stock library and video editing tools.


    Vimeo is a popular video editing platform that integrates with Shopify. It allows users to convert product photos into engaging videos for social media ads. With a high rating and positive reviews, Vimeo offers a user-friendly experience for creating stunning videos.

    Key Points

    • Video creator apps are essential for creating custom videos for your Shopify store
    • Different apps cater to various needs and come with different pricing plans
    • Canva and V Dot IO are great options for beginners, while iMovie is ideal for Apple users
    • Consider your editing requirements and budget when choosing a video creator app for your Shopify store


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    1. What are the best video creator apps for Shopify store owners?
    2. How much do video creator apps cost, and do they offer free plans?
    3. Can video creator apps help in creating engaging product ads for Shopify stores?
    4. Are these video creator apps suitable for beginners with no prior editing experience?
    5. Which video creator app is recommended for Mac and iOS users who want to create videos for Shopify stores?

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