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    Simple COLOR GRADE Trick To Make Your Photo "Pop" (Look MORE 3D!)

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    Simple COLOR GRADE Trick To Make Your Photo "Pop" (Look MORE 3D!)

    In this article, we will explore a simple color grading trick using Photoshop to enhance your photos and make them appear more three-dimensional. The tutorial involves utilizing automation tools in Photoshop to apply separate color grading effects to the background and the model, creating a subject separation effect that makes the model stand out. By following the steps outlined in the tutorial, you can transform flat and boring images into engaging and dynamic photos.

    Here's a breakdown of the tutorial's key steps:

    1. Color Correction in Camera Raw: Adjust the exposure and correct any color tints in the original photo.
    2. Subject Separation Effects on Background: Use brightness/contrast, hue/saturation, and curves adjustment layers to differentiate the background from the model in terms of brightness, contrast, and color saturation.
    3. Subject Separation Effects on Model: Apply similar adjustments to the model to make it stand out from the background, creating a complementary effect.
    4. Specific Color Adjustments: Target shadowy regions, add warmth, boost color tones in the outfit, and enhance lip color to make the model pop.
    5. Final Touches: Fine-tune the overall color grading and contrast to achieve a cohesive and natural look in the final image.


    Color grading, Photoshop, subject separation, brightness, contrast, color saturation, depth, color adjustments, 3D effect, photo editing, tutorial.


    1. Can I apply these color grading techniques to any type of photo?
    2. Do I need advanced Photoshop skills to follow this tutorial?
    3. How can I ensure a natural and cohesive color grade in my photos using these techniques?
    4. Will these adjustments work for photos taken in different lighting conditions or settings?

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