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    Skin Softening with Beautiful Texture | 1-Minute Photoshop (Ep. 4)

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    Skin Softening with Beautiful Texture | 1-Minute Photoshop (Ep. 4)

    Do you want to learn how to quickly soften skin in Photoshop in just one minute? Follow these easy steps to achieve a smooth and flawless skin texture.

    Firstly, start by removing any blemishes on the skin. Then, create a copy of the background or subject layer by pressing ctrl or command J. Invert the copied layer by pressing ctrl or command I. Change the blend mode of this layer from normal to vivid light. Next, go to Filter > Other > High Pass and adjust the value to blend everything in (e.g., 22 for this example). Proceed to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and increase the value until the skin texture appears (e.g., 5 for this example). Create a negative mask by holding alt or option and clicking on the mask button. Use a white brush to paint over the skin while avoiding edges. Adjust the opacity if needed, and you're done!


    Skin softening, Photoshop, beauty retouching, skin texture, blemish removal, blend mode, high pass, Gaussian blur, negative mask, brush tool, opacity adjustment.


    1. How long does it take to soften skin in Photoshop using this method?
    2. Is this skin softening technique suitable for all skin types?
    3. Can the opacity adjustment be customized to achieve different levels of skin softening?
    4. Are there any specific brush settings recommended for painting on the skin?
    5. Will this technique work on images with different lighting conditions?

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