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    Sly Stallone - Writing a script

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    Sly Stallone - Writing a Script

    In a recent video message, Tony, a close friend of Sylvester Stallone, shared his experience of finishing a screenplay. Describing the process as "horrendous," Tony mentioned encountering challenges such as writer's block and struggling with certain aspects of the script. Despite the difficulties faced, he expressed a willingness to engage in a Q&A session, inviting viewers to submit their questions for him to answer. Reflecting on the creative process, Tony emphasized the importance of perseverance and the desire to connect with others through conversation.


    Sly Stallone, screenplay writing, challenges, Q&A session, creativity, perseverance


    1. What challenges did Tony face while writing the screenplay?
    2. How did Tony describe the process of writing a script?
    3. What invitation did Tony extend to the viewers in the video message?

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