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    Small Accounts.. DO THIS to GO VIRAL on TikTok in 2024 (NEW ALGORITHM)

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    Small Accounts.. DO THIS to GO VIRAL on TikTok in 2024 (NEW ALGORITHM)

    Are you a small TikTok creator struggling to go viral? Have you experienced a viral video in the past but haven't been able to replicate it? Well, look no further because this article will provide you with a five-step blueprint that guarantees viral success on TikTok. The strategies shared here have helped creators gain thousands of followers and achieve viral status. The key is to implement every step of this proven strategy.

    But before we dive into the steps, make sure to subscribe to my channel for daily videos on growing and monetizing on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Additionally, click on the link in the pinned comment below to access my free TikTok roadmap course, which provides valuable insights on the best posting times and hashtags for increased visibility.

    Step 1: Qualify Your Posts

    To increase your chances of going viral, it is crucial to qualify your posts before uploading them. Many small accounts miss this point, as well as big creators who are struggling to maintain their viral status. Having a large follower count does not guarantee more views. What matters is the content's relevance and potential to attract high views.

    To qualify your posts, simply search for the topic you plan to post about on TikTok. Change the filter to "This Week" and sort by "Most Likes." If the videos that come up do not resemble your planned video or have less than 10,000 likes, it is an indication that your post may not go viral. Remember, content creation is about innovation, not invention. Innovate and improve upon existing ideas rather than trying to invent something completely new.

    Step 2: Be Controversial or Polarizing

    Viral videos are often polarizing or controversial. It is essential to take a clear stance, be funny, or create content that may provoke strong reactions. The key is to capture attention and engage viewers, even if some may dislike or disagree with your content. The people who react strongly to your videos are the ones who will drive more engagement, shares, and comments, ultimately boosting your chances of going viral.

    Step 3: Utilize TikTok's Latest Features

    TikTok regularly promotes specific features within the app's algorithm. Stay up-to-date with these trends and leverage them to increase your visibility. For example, at the time of writing this article, green screen and green screen videos are receiving significant push from TikTok. By incorporating these features into your content, you can tap into trends and enhance your authority within your chosen niche. Use green screens to discuss relevant topics or showcase current news within your niche.

    Step 4: Analyze and Optimize Your Analytics

    Having the right analytics is crucial for viral success on TikTok. Pay attention to the following key metrics:

    1. Achieve 70% watch time in the first three seconds: Create a captivating hook that sparks curiosity and makes viewers feel compelled to continue watching. Avoid simply telling them what will happen; instead, make them wonder what they might be missing out on.
    2. Monitor engagement and comments: The more people are discussing, sharing, and commenting on your videos, the higher the chances of going viral. Controversial content often generates more interaction.
    3. Double Down on What Works: If you find a topic, format, sound, or length that resonates with your audience and gains traction, keep doing more of it. Consistency is key to maintaining and increasing your viral status.

    Remember, going viral requires dedication and persistence. Don't be discouraged if not every video becomes an overnight sensation. Continue to analyze, optimize, and learn from your results.

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    Q: How can I qualify my posts on TikTok? A: To qualify your posts, search for the topic you plan to post about on TikTok, change the filter to "This Week," and sort by "Most Likes." If the videos that appear do not resemble your planned video or have less than 10,000 likes, your post may not go viral.

    Q: Why should I be controversial or polarizing on TikTok? A: Being controversial or polarizing helps to capture attention and engage viewers. These types of videos attract strong reactions, encouraging more people to engage, share, and comment, thus increasing your chances of going viral.

    Q: How can I take advantage of TikTok's latest features? A: Stay updated with the features TikTok is promoting at the time. For example, green screen videos are receiving significant push currently. Incorporate these features into your content to tap into trends and enhance your authority within your niche.

    Q: Why is analyzing and optimizing analytics important for viral success? A: Analyzing your analytics helps you understand what works and what doesn't. By monitoring metrics like watch time, engagement, and comments, you can identify patterns and optimize your content accordingly. Consistency and learning from your results are key to viral success.

    Q: What should I do if a video goes viral? A: If you have a viral video, double down on it. Keep creating content on the same topic, format, or with the same sound. Consistency in providing what your audience enjoys will help you maintain and increase your viral status on TikTok.

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