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    Small Channels: DO THIS to Make Your Shorts Go VIRAL

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    Small Channels: DO THIS to Make Your Shorts Go VIRAL

    YouTube recently announced that it would be sharing ad revenue from YouTube shorts with creators who have a thousand subscribers and 10 million shorts views over the last 90 days. While some may find this requirement daunting, there are strategies to help small channels increase their views and reach the 10 million mark. Here are some tips and ideas to make your YouTube shorts more successful:

    1. Create Tutorial Shorts: Teach something you're good at in a short, concise way. Tutorials are becoming more popular on YouTube shorts and can attract a wide audience.

    2. Recycle Long-Form Content: Repurpose parts of your longer videos into standalone shorts. This strategy is effective for creators who already make long-form content.

    3. Jump on YouTube Short Hacks: Try reacting to viral life hack videos or testing them out yourself. Ensure the content aligns with your niche to keep your audience engaged.

    4. Before and After Videos: Show your audience how to achieve a specific goal with clear before and after results. These videos are popular for demonstrating effective tips.

    5. Quick Tips Videos: Break down complex topics into easy-to-remember segments. Adding captions can help viewers follow along and retain the information.

    6. Debunk Myths and Misconceptions: Address common myths or misconceptions in your industry and set the record straight. This can attract viewers seeking accurate information.

    7. Create Motivational Shorts: Share inspiring stories or messages related to your niche. Motivational content can resonate with viewers and drive engagement.

    8. Fun Facts Videos: Compile interesting facts into a list and create a short video. Fun facts videos are engaging and can attract a broad audience.

    9. Unboxing Videos: If you're in the tech or product review niche, consider making unboxing videos as shorts. These videos can be visually appealing and lead to potential brand collaborations.

    By implementing these strategies and creating engaging content, small channels can increase their visibility and potentially reach the 10 million views milestone on YouTube shorts.

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    1. How can small channels increase their views on YouTube shorts? Small channels can increase their views on YouTube shorts by creating tutorial videos, repurposing long-form content, jumping on viral trends, and creating engaging and informative content tailored to their niche.

    2. What type of content performs well on YouTube shorts for small channels? Content such as tutorial videos, before and after demonstrations, quick tips, myth-busting, motivational pieces, fun facts compilations, and unboxing videos can perform well for small channels on YouTube shorts. These types of content are engaging and have the potential to go viral.

    3. How can small channels attract a wider audience on YouTube shorts? Small channels can attract a wider audience on YouTube shorts by creating content that is informative, entertaining, and relevant to their target audience. By exploring different formats and staying consistent with their content, small channels can increase their chances of reaching a larger viewership.

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