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    Small TikTok Accounts.. DO THIS to GO VIRAL on TikTok in 2024 (Viral TikTok Ideas)

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    Small TikTok Accounts: DO THIS to GO VIRAL on TikTok in 2024 (Viral TikTok Ideas)

    Are you a small TikTok account looking to go viral? If so, you're in luck! In this article, we will discuss the easiest way to gain viral success on TikTok as a small account. There's a new post type that is helping small creators go viral, along with the best hashtags and optimal posting times. Additionally, we will share a secret technique that can significantly increase your chances of going viral with every post. So, let's dive in!

    Carousel Posts: The Newest TikTok Trend for Small Creators

    TikTok recently introduced carousel posts, a new post type that has been proven to help small creators go viral. The number of images you include in your carousel can greatly impact the views and viral potential of your content. To maximize your reach, it is recommended to use three or more slides in your carousel. Utilize the carousel format to tell a captivating story, with an engaging hook in the first slide and a series of slides that continue the narrative. The goal is to entice viewers to swipe through the entire carousel, as this will skyrocket your reach on the platform.

    To create compelling carousels, you can take inspiration from successful Instagram posts or use AI tools designed to enhance storytelling through visuals. By testing different storylines and topics through carousels, you can determine which content resonates best with your audience before investing time and effort into creating full-length videos. This strategy allows you to ascertain what video subjects and hooks are most likely to succeed, eliminating the frustration of creating flopped content.

    The Best Hashtag Strategies for Small TikTok Accounts

    Hashtags play a crucial role in reaching a wider audience and gaining traction on TikTok. Currently, there are four effective hashtag strategies that you can implement to boost your chances of going viral. It is recommended to try each strategy on different posts over a two-week period, and analyze which strategy yields above-average performance. Here are the four strategies:

    1. Three niche-specific hashtags: Use hashtags that are specific to your content. Aim for larger niche-specific hashtags to ensure TikTok can find a suitable audience for your post.

    2. Mixed niche and broad hashtags: Utilize three to four hashtags, with 25% being broad (e.g., #fyp, #viral, #trending) and 75% being niche-specific. This combination allows you to reach a broader audience while still targeting your intended niche.

    3. More hashtags, primarily niche-specific: Increase the number of hashtags to 5-6, maintaining a 75% niche-specific and 25% broad distribution.

    4. Seven to eight hashtags: Use a higher number of hashtags, focusing on niche-specific tags while still including a few broad ones. This strategy has shown success for many TikTok creators.

    Test these strategies and analyze the performance of your posts to identify the most effective hashtag approach for your content. Remember to regularly check for any changes in TikTok's hashtag trends.

    Key Metrics for Viral Success on TikTok

    To achieve viral success on TikTok, there are three essential metrics you must focus on:

    1. Retention: Aim for 70% of viewers to continue watching your video after the first 3 seconds. If you fail to reach this benchmark, it indicates that your hook was not compelling enough. Invest time in creating attention-grabbing hooks by researching successful hooks used by other creators and adapting them to your niche.

    2. Completion rate: Strive for a completion rate of 50%. Create content that loops or builds up to a significant payoff at the end, followed by an immediate ending. If you promised something in the beginning, deliver it and conclude the video to prevent viewers from losing interest.

    3. Gain followers: Ensure that you gain followers each time you post on TikTok. This can be achieved by appearing on the "For You" page, increasing your visibility to non-followers. Include a strong call-to-action in your videos, encouraging viewers to follow your account. If you are not gaining followers, it indicates that your content is not resonating with the audience, signaling the need for improvement.

    It's crucial to meet these metrics consistently to increase your chances of going viral and building a devoted follower base.

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    1. How many slides should I include in my TikTok carousel?

    It is recommended to include three or more slides in your TikTok carousel to maximize reach and engagement. The additional slides allow you to tell a story, capturing the attention of viewers and increasing the likelihood of reaching the last slide.

    1. What are the best hashtag strategies for small TikTok accounts?

    There are four effective hashtag strategies to consider:

    • Three niche-specific hashtags
    • Mixed niche and broad hashtags (3-4, 25% broad, 75% niche)
    • More hashtags, primarily niche-specific (5-6, 75% niche, 25% broad)
    • Seven to eight hashtags (a balance of niche-specific and broad)

    Test these strategies on different posts to determine the most successful approach for your content.

    1. How can I improve my retention and completion rates on TikTok?

    To improve retention, focus on creating compelling hooks that capture viewers' attention within the first 3 seconds. Research successful hooks used by other creators in your niche and adapt them to suit your content.

    To increase completion rates, deliver on the promises made in the beginning of your video and conclude it promptly. Creating content that loops or builds anticipation for a payoff at the end can also help retain viewers until the end.

    1. Why am I not gaining followers on TikTok?

    If you're not gaining followers, it may be due to content that doesn't resonate with the audience. Ensure your videos appear on the "For You" page to reach non-followers and include a strong call-to-action to encourage viewers to follow your account. Review your content and make necessary improvements to boost follower growth.

    Now armed with these strategies and metrics, you're ready to take your small TikTok account to the next level and achieve viral success. Don't underestimate the potential of TikTok and its ability to provide opportunities for growth and profitability. Start implementing these tips today and watch your account soar!

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