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    Sony’s New Tiny AI-Powered Full Frame 4K Video Camera!!

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    Sony’s New Tiny AI-Powered Full Frame 4K Video Camera!!

    Sony recently introduced the zve E1, a compact camera aimed at content creators and filmmakers who want versatility and high-quality imagery. Despite its small size, this camera boasts impressive specs and a range of AI-related features. The zve1 is priced at approximately 2,350 pounds for the body only, or 2,600 pounds with the Sony 28 to 60 millimeter kit lens.

    One of the most notable features of the zve1 is its use of the same sensor found in Sony's popular a7s III, fx3, fx6, and fr7 cameras. This full-frame 12-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor provides excellent image quality, fast readout speed, standard dynamic range, and improved color science. The camera also features a dual native ISO, allowing for impressive low-light performance and versatility in different shooting situations.

    In terms of recording options, the zve1 offers the same capabilities as the a7s III, including the ability to record in various formats such as xfvc HS 4K, xfcs 4K, xavc HD, and more. The camera also supports different bit depths, including 10-bit and 8-bit, which are ideal for grading footage.

    The zve1 incorporates AI technology, offering features such as advanced autofocus with improved subject detection for humans, animals, cars, birds, and insects. The camera's AI Processing Unit allows for faster and more reliable autofocus, making it easier to track subjects in various scenarios.

    Additionally, the zve1 includes features like auto-framing, a product showcase mode, and a defocus button, which adjusts the aperture to create a shallow or deep depth of field effect with ease. The camera also offers different stabilization modes, including standard, active, dynamic active, and framing stabilizer, to ensure smooth and stable footage.

    Other notable features of the zve1 include a 3.5mm microphone input, a flip-out screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with a wide range of Sony e-mount lenses. The camera also comes with Sony's new imaging app, which offers improved control and file transfer capabilities.

    In terms of drawbacks, the zve1 has limited recording time when shooting in 4K due to overheating issues. The camera is also equipped with a micro HDMI port, which may be less robust and less readily available compared to a full-size HDMI port.

    Overall, the Sony zve E1 offers content creators and filmmakers the opportunity to enjoy the excellent image quality of the a7s III in a compact and versatile camera. While it may have some limitations, its AI features, full-frame sensor, and range of recording options make it a compelling option for those looking for a small but powerful video camera.


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    • zve E1
    • AI-powered camera
    • Full-frame 4K
    • Content creation
    • Filmmaking
    • Sensor
    • Autofocus
    • Stabilization
    • Recording options
    • AI features
    • Compact size
    • Versatile


    Q: Does the zve E1 have a viewfinder? A: No, the zve E1 does not have a viewfinder. It features a flip-out screen for framing and monitoring shots.

    Q: What is the recording time limit for 4K footage on the zve E1? A: The zve E1 has a limited recording time when shooting in 4K due to overheating issues. The average recording time is approximately 40 minutes.

    Q: Can I use other lenses with the zve E1? A: Yes, the zve E1 is compatible with a wide range of Sony e-mount lenses. However, for the best autofocus performance, it is recommended to use native e-mount lenses.

    Q: Does the zve E1 support external recording? A: Yes, the zve E1 has a UVC and UAC compliant USB-C port that allows for clean 4K video output for external recording. However, it does not support raw output via HDMI.

    Q: Can I control the zve E1 remotely using a smartphone? A: Yes, Sony offers a new imaging app that allows users to remotely control the zve E1 and transfer files wirelessly between the camera and a smartphone.

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