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    Spielberg Explains Ending of A.I. Artificial Intelligence

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    Spielberg Explains Ending of A.I. Artificial Intelligence

    In a recent video interview, Steven Spielberg discussed the ending of the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence and addressed the misconceptions surrounding it. Spielberg explained that while some critics believed he took the movie too far into the future, he was actually following the original treatment written by Stanley Kubrick and Ian Watson. The ending of the film, set 2,000 years in the future, shows a world where robots have replaced humans and super mechas rule society. Spielberg clarified that this was the direction Kubrick intended to take the film, had he lived to direct it. Despite criticisms, Spielberg felt obligated to fulfill Kubrick's vision and stated that even if he didn't, this future depiction would have been his own vision as well.


    Spielberg, ending, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Stanley Kubrick, misconceptions, future, robots, super mechas, vision


    1. What misconceptions did Spielberg address regarding the ending of A.I. Artificial Intelligence?
    2. Whose original treatment did Spielberg follow for the film's ending?
    3. What futuristic world is depicted in the ending of the film?
    4. Why did Spielberg feel obligated to fulfill Kubrick's vision for the movie?

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