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    Squint Your Eyes, AI Generated Memes Are Everywhere

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    Squint Your Eyes, AI Generated Memes Are Everywhere

    AI-generated Landscapes are making a significant return to meme culture. Who can forget the stunning vistas inspired by Nicocado Avocado's OnlyFans from last year, or Thick Broly being turned into a flower? The difference now is that the landscapes contain far more recognizable words and shapes, presenting a more natural appearance. This resurgence seems to have been sparked by a certain picture of kittens with an interesting message, posted by Mischief Animals on September 22nd of this year. This image has become the inspiration for many AI art memes in 2023, with numerous accounts reproducing the concept. The technique of embedding text in the images is achievable through stable diffusion and various apps now offer an option to reinterpret uploaded images using AI. This intersection of AI art and meme culture has captivated audiences, leveraging humans' exceptional pattern recognition abilities for entertainment.


    AI-generated landscapes, meme culture, pattern recognition, AI art, internet memes, entertainment


    1. How has AI art influenced meme culture? AI art has infused meme culture with a new wave of creativity, particularly through the creation of AI-generated landscapes that incorporate recognizable shapes and text, appealing to humans' pattern recognition skills.

    2. What is the significance of the text embedded in AI-generated images? The embedded text in AI-generated images serves as a unique element that draws viewers in by requiring a close inspection or a squint of the eyes to reveal hidden messages or humor, adding to the appeal of these memes.

    3. What ethical concerns arise from using AI for meme creation? There are ethical concerns regarding the use of AI for creating memes, as AI often relies on scraping the web and using the work of real artists without compensation. This practice raises questions about the impact on the original creators and the broader art community.

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