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    Stable diffusion color grading tutorial. Quick trick!

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    Stable diffusion color grading tutorial. Quick trick!

    Hello friends, today I have a quick trick to show you how to color grade your images before generating them using Stable Fusion. In this tutorial, we will be using gradients to enhance the colors in our images. By inputting a gradient and using it to generate images, we can achieve unique and artistic results. Let's dive into this color grading tutorial!

    I started with a simple gradient and generated multiple images by applying different settings in Stable Fusion. By adjusting parameters like strength and consistency, we can control how the colors from the gradient interact with the generated images. This technique allows for creative and personalized color grading effects.


    To start, we input a gradient into Stable Fusion's Image-to-Image feature. I chose a user's prompt from Reddit, which added elements like flamboyant extravagance and a dye haircut to a portrait image by Flora Borsi. By tweaking the settings and running the generation process with different strengths, we can see how the colors from the gradient are applied to create unique variations of the original image.

    Next, we experiment with different prompts, such as a neon cyberpunk city theme and a colorful portrait of an old man in a studio setting. Each prompt results in distinct color grading effects, showcasing the versatility of using gradients for image enhancement in Stable Fusion.

    Overall, this tutorial demonstrates how simple gradients can be used creatively to color grade images and add artistic flair to your creations in Stable Fusion. Give it a try and see the beautiful results you can achieve with this quick trick!


    • Color grading
    • Gradient
    • Image enhancement
    • Creative effects
    • Stable Fusion
    • Prompt customization


    • How can gradients be used for color grading in Stable Fusion? Gradients can be input into Stable Fusion's Image-to-Image feature to apply unique color effects to generated images. By adjusting parameters like strength and consistency, users can control how the colors from the gradient interact with the image.

    • What types of prompts can be used for color grading in Stable Fusion? Users can customize prompts to include specific elements or styles they want to incorporate into the color grading process. From neon cyberpunk city themes to colorful portraits, prompts can influence the overall look and feel of the generated images.

    • Why is color grading important in image editing? Color grading plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics and mood of an image. By adjusting colors, tones, and contrasts, photographers and artists can create visually appealing and engaging visuals that stand out.

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