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    Steal the color grade from ANY MOVIE in SECONDS!

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    Steal the color grade from ANY MOVIE in SECONDS!

    You can now easily steal the color grade from any Hollywood movie in just a few seconds without the need to spend hours on color grading or hire an expensive colorist. This can be achieved using Premiere Pro, which offers a quick way to make your video emulate the color grade of your favorite Hollywood movie. In this example, we will show you how to replicate the color grade from the movie "Top Gun: Maverick." However, this method will work with any movie of your choice.

    To start the process, you will need to select a reference frame from the movie you wish to emulate. This frame can be obtained by taking a screenshot from a trailer on YouTube or by saving an image from Google. Once you have the reference frame, import it into Premiere Pro and place it on the timeline. Then, import the clip you want to apply the color grade to and also add it to the timeline. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to match the color grade of the reference frame to your clip using Premiere Pro's color correction tools.


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    1. Can I use this method with any Hollywood movie? Yes, this method can be applied to replicate the color grade of any Hollywood movie using Premiere Pro.

    2. Do I need prior knowledge of color grading to steal the color grade from a movie? While some familiarity with color correction tools is beneficial, this guide simplifies the process and offers step-by-step instructions for replicating a movie's color grade in a few seconds.

    3. Will the color grade match exactly with the reference frame? While the automated face detection feature can help match colors effectively, some manual adjustments may be required to fine-tune the color grade to suit your specific video clip.

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