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    Stop Focusing on Your Niche: How to Go Viral by Sharing Videos About

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    Stop Focusing on Your Niche: How to Go Viral by Sharing Videos About Your Hobbies and Interests

    If you want to stand out and go viral on social media, it may be time to shift your focus away from solely creating content related to your niche and expertise. Instead, consider showcasing your hobbies and interests to attract a wider audience. By dedicating 80 percent of your content to your passions and hobbies, and the remaining 20 percent to your expertise, you can better connect with people on a more personal level. This strategy not only allows you to reach a broader audience but also increases the chances of your content going viral.

    When aiming to make a name for yourself on platforms like Instagram, creating videos that highlight your hobbies and interests can be a game-changer. For instance, producing videos on topics such as DIY projects, cooking tutorials, or travel tips – even if they are not directly related to your niche – can draw in viewers who share similar interests. By tapping into the intersection of your expertise and personal hobbies, you can captivate a diverse audience and potentially create viral content.

    Remember, social media is all about passion and connection. By focusing on what you love, you can attract followers who resonate with your interests, thereby expanding your reach and influence in the digital space.


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    • Social media strategy
    • Personal interests
    • Content creation
    • Audience engagement


    1. Why should I focus on sharing videos about my hobbies and interests rather than my niche expertise? By incorporating your personal passions into your content, you can appeal to a broader audience who may share similar interests, thus increasing your chances of creating viral content.

    2. How can showcasing hobbies and interests help me go viral on social media? Sharing videos related to your hobbies can humanize your online presence, making you more relatable to viewers and encouraging engagement and sharing of your content.

    3. Is it essential to strike a balance between showcasing hobbies and expertise in my content? Yes, maintaining a mix of content that reflects both your personal interests and professional expertise can help you connect with diverse audiences and increase the likelihood of your content gaining traction on social media platforms.

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