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    Stop Using Video Lights Like This! (5 Common Lighting Mistakes)

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    Stop Using Video Lights Like This! (5 Common Lighting Mistakes)

    You might be using your lights all wrong. Here are five common mistakes to avoid when it comes to lighting for videos:

    1. Lighting Positioning: Instead of placing lights at eye level, position them just above the camera for better face shaping and dimension. Avoid reflections in glasses by moving lights above the camera.

    2. Color Temperature: Set your lights to 5600 Kelvin or daylight temperature for a consistent look. Ensure your camera white balance matches the key light to prevent color inconsistencies.

    3. Diffusion: Use softboxes for a softer, more cinematic lighting effect. Softboxes can be added to most lights, including LED panels, for a more pleasing light quality.

    4. Brightness: Avoid using lights at full brightness unnecessarily, as it can create harsh and spotlight-like effects. Adjust the brightness of your lights based on the overall ambiance of the scene.

    5. Number of Lights: You can achieve great results with just one softbox light. Avoid using too many lights, as this can complicate the lighting setup and may not necessarily improve the quality of the video.

    Experiment with different lighting setups to find what works best for your videos and remember that less can often be more in terms of lighting setup.


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    1. What is the recommended color temperature for video lighting?

      • Setting lights to 5600 Kelvin or daylight temperature is commonly recommended for a consistent look.
    2. How can white balance affect the quality of video lighting?

      • Matching the camera's white balance to the key light helps maintain color consistency and prevent color inaccuracies in the video.
    3. Why is diffusion important in video lighting?

      • Diffusion, such as using softboxes, helps create a softer and more cinematic lighting effect, improving the overall quality of the video.

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