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    Stunning presentation using free ai ChatGPT || Auto appealing power point presentation using ChatGPT

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    Stunning presentation using free ai ChatGPT || Auto appealing power point presentation using ChatGPT

    Hello folks, welcome to Guru Tech Solutions! Get ready to revolutionize your approach to presentations with the incredible power of chat GPT, an AI wizard that streamlines the presentation creation process, allowing you to focus on the content that truly matters. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating an auto PowerPoint presentation using ChatGPT, showcasing its speed and precision.

    To start, open your web browser and navigate to the official page of ChatGPT. You can choose the free version, which is ChatGPT 3.5. Next, we will develop VBA code by inputting a prompt that specifies the content and the number of slides for the presentation. ChatGPT will generate the VBA code based on this prompt, creating slides with auto-filled text.

    Once the VBA code is generated, open PowerPoint and activate the developer icon by enabling the developer key. Copy the VBA code and paste it into the Visual Basic module in PowerPoint. Run the code to see the automatic PowerPoint presentation with various slides filled with text generated by ChatGPT.

    To enhance the presentation's appeal, you can choose specific designs for each slide by selecting different design templates provided by PowerPoint. Customize the design for each slide to make the presentation more visually engaging and attractive. Finally, save your presentation in the desired folder and share it with others to showcase the power of AI-powered creativity in presentations.

    Thank you for joining us on this journey of creating stunning presentations using ChatGPT. Embrace the limitless possibilities of AI-powered creativity and stay tuned for more exciting content and adventures in the world of presentations.


    • ChatGPT
    • AI-powered presentation
    • Auto PowerPoint creation
    • VBA code
    • Visual Basic module
    • Design customization
    • Presentation automation


    1. How does ChatGPT revolutionize the approach to presentations? ChatGPT streamlines the presentation creation process by generating VBA code for PowerPoint slides based on specified prompts, allowing users to focus on the content rather than slide design.

    2. Can users customize the design of the auto-generated PowerPoint presentation? Yes, users can choose specific design templates for each slide in the presentation to enhance its visual appeal and make it more engaging.

    3. Is the use of ChatGPT limited to creating PowerPoint presentations? While this article focuses on using ChatGPT for auto PowerPoint presentation creation, ChatGPT can be utilized for various tasks such as generating text, answering queries, and assisting in content creation across different platforms.

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