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    THIS IS HUGE! Everyone can do VFX now!

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    THIS IS HUGE! Everyone can do VFX now!

    Every week, the drumbeat of AI advancements grows louder, proclaiming the imminent revolution in VFX and film editing. With tools like Wise Cut and Wonder Studio entering the scene, the landscape of VFX work is rapidly changing. These AI-driven tools promise to automate tasks that were previously labor-intensive and time-consuming, potentially replacing the need for human editors and VFX artists altogether.

    The article explores Wonder Studio, an AI tool that is set to revolutionize the VFX world. By allowing users to feed in their footage, Wonder Studio generates motion capture data, links a 3D character to the tracking data, and seamlessly composites it into the footage. The process involves uploading footage, customization options, processing time, and the ability to download the entire Blender scene for further adjustments.

    The narrative follows a detailed walkthrough of preparing a 3D model for Wonder Studio, including steps to ensure the model is properly rigged, named, and positioned for optimal results. While the article highlights the power and potential of Wonder Studio, it also acknowledges some limitations and potential areas for improvement in the tool.

    Additionally, the article touches upon Storyblocks, a royalty-free stock assets platform that complements VFX work by providing a vast library of high-quality footage and effects. The integration of Storyblocks with AI tools like Wonder Studio offers filmmakers a comprehensive suite of resources to enhance their editing and VFX capabilities.


    • AI advancements
    • VFX automation
    • Wonder Studio
    • 3D model preparation
    • Storyblocks integration


    • How does Wonder Studio revolutionize the VFX world?
    • What are the key features of Wonder Studio?
    • How does Storyblocks complement VFX work?
    • What are the steps involved in preparing a 3D model for Wonder Studio?

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