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    TIKTOK GROWTH STRATEGY FOR 2023 #shortsvideo #tiktok

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    TIKTOK GROWTH STRATEGY FOR 2023 #shortsvideo #tiktok

    Hey there, friends! Welcome to my TikTok page in 2023. I've decided to focus on TikTok this year as it offers great opportunities for growth. My goal is to post a video every day, although I'm still unsure about the specific topics I'll cover. Today, I thought I'd start by getting comfortable in front of the camera, so here I am, just doing some laundry. I've also recently ventured into a new side hustle, even though I haven't made any money from it yet. Feel free to check out my shop in my bio and follow along with me on this journey.


    TikTok, growth strategy, video content, daily posting, side hustle, comfort on camera, new venture


    1. What is the focus of the individual on TikTok for 2023?
    2. How often does the individual plan to post videos on TikTok?
    3. What is the new side hustle mentioned in the article?
    4. Where can viewers find more information about the individual's shop?

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