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    TOME, New AI Presentation Maker #AiTools

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    TOME, New AI Presentation Maker #AiTools

    I want to introduce you to Tom, an AI-based presentation tool for makers that is free and is a great addition to your AI toolkit. Once you tell Tom what the presentation should be about, it has a specific way of creating it. The usual structure includes a table of content, an introduction, and rough ideas on how to implement it. This tool connects Chat GPT3 and Dali to generate presentations. In just 20 seconds, Tom can create about eight slides, providing a significant help to users.

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    1. How does Tom create presentations? Tom creates presentations based on the input provided by the user, using a specific structure of table of content, introduction, and implementation ideas.
    2. Is Tom a free tool? Yes, Tom is a free AI presentation maker tool.
    3. What are some of the key features of Tom? Some key features of Tom include connecting Chat GPT3 and Dali, quick generation of slides in just 20 seconds, and structured presentation output.

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