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    TOP 5 Free Audio Visualizer Maker Online 2023 | No Watermark

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    TOP 5 Free Audio Visualizer Maker Online 2023 | No Watermark

    Music visualizers have seen a resurgence in popularity recently, with people using them for podcasts, music videos, and social media posts. While major market players like Adobe After Effects offer audio Spectrum effects, there are also free or affordable tools available for those who don't want to invest in a subscription. Here are five programs that can help you create stunning audio visualizations without breaking the bank:

    1. Fizzy: Fizzy is an Alpha version app created by the makers of Music Fit. It allows you to work with animated text objects, spectrums, images, and effects. One of its standout features is the ability to manually control how objects react to the music beat, along with various cinematic effects like glitch, VHS, and fisheye.

    2. Music Fit: Music Fit is a popular template-based music visualizer where you can choose from various pre-designed templates like Circle Spectrum, bar visualizer, and audio waves. You can customize parameters such as background, color theme, and size of particles to create unique visualizations.

    3. Specterr: Specterr is an online music visualizer and lyrics video maker that offers customization controls to create personalized videos. You can add synchronized lyrics to the scene along with particles for added depth, and export the project either to the cloud or your desktop.

    4. VSDC: VSDC is a free video editing suite for Windows with a built-in music visualizer. It allows you to create linear or circular audio spectrums, abstract music visualizations, and more. With offline functionality and support for various effects, it provides versatility in creating music visuals.

    5. AVI Player: AVI Player is an Android app now available on the Microsoft Store for Windows PCs. It offers a highly customizable audio visualizer for real-time viewing and music video production. With a 3D visualizer and enhanced sound quality, it provides a range of features for creating visually appealing music videos.

    While these tools vary in features and usability, they all aim to provide users with the ability to create captivating audio visualizations without the need for advanced video editing skills.

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