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    TURN YOURSELF INTO A GIANT #capcut tutorial!

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    TURN YOURSELF INTO A GIANT #capcut tutorial!

    Have you ever wanted to create viral videos easily with just your phone? With the right editing techniques, you can turn yourself into a giant effortlessly using cap cut. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process step by step:

    1. Film Yourself at a Low Angle: Start by filming yourself with your phone at a low enough angle that you can appear to step over the roof of a building or jump.

    2. Create Freeze Frames: When you're out of frame, use the freeze frame feature to capture the background without you in it. If you have a clear blue sky, use the chroma key to make the blue invisible and show only the building.

    3. Masking Technique: If there are clouds in the sky or the roof isn't flat, use the masking technique. Line up the mask with the edges of the building to create the illusion of you stepping over it.

    By following these simple steps, you can easily create the illusion of being a giant in your videos using cap cut.


    • Giant
    • Viral videos
    • Cap cut
    • Editing techniques
    • Freeze frames
    • Chroma key
    • Masking


    1. Can I use cap cut to turn myself into a giant in my videos?

      • Yes, by following the tutorial provided and utilizing features like freeze frames and masking in cap cut, you can create the illusion of being a giant in your videos.
    2. Do I need any special equipment to implement these editing techniques?

    3. Will these techniques work for other types of illusions in videos?

      • While the tutorial focuses on turning yourself into a giant, the same techniques can be adapted to create a variety of illusions in your videos. Experiment with different ideas and backgrounds to achieve unique effects.

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