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    TUTORIAL | ♡how to make a tiktok/reels minivlog, easy + detailed, tripods, CAPCUT beginner editing

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    hey guys welcome to my channel my name is gabby better known on tick tock as gemiini vlogs. I want to kick start my YouTube channel today with the most highly requested video that I've got, which is how I make my mini vlogs. The full scope of process from beginning to end - from filming to editing, finding music, and posting, and all that good stuff. I'm gonna take you through a bit of my day in the life and then at the very end, I'm gonna show you how I edit. It's more easy than you think, it's not some huge complicated process. Hopefully, this inspires someone to just start their vlog channel this year. Just do it. If they do, make sure you like and comment and subscribe. Yeah, I'm super excited to finally be on YouTube so without further ado let's get into the video.

    Okay period! All right so it's just my luck to pull into Publix at peak rush hour during lunch. I'm not trying to go vlog inside with everyone's beautiful eyes looking at me like "what's this girl doing." I'm gonna sit in the car for a little bit and talk about tripods because I realize that I haven't touched on that yet...


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