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    TWIN HOOK SNELL RIG | easy and right way | live and dead baits

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    TWIN HOOK SNELL RIG | easy and right way | live and dead baits

    To start the Twin Hooks nail rig, the first step is cutting off a desired length of leader material, around 800 millimeters to a meter, ensuring enough length for the Snell Knot as well. Depending on the number of wraps around the hook, it can take up around 15 to 20 centimeters. Whether using a J hook or a circle hook, tying the end hook with a simple Uni knot is recommended for ease and flexibility. Running the snelled hook involves ensuring the line runs down the top of the hook to avoid rubbing on the fish's mouth. When deciding the length between the first and second hook, consider the bait size to provide enough room for movement. Making 12 to 15 tight wraps down the hook shank for the Snell Knot, pulling it tight, ensures a secure setup for a twin hook rig suitable for various bait types.


    Twin Hook Snell Rig, Leader Material, Uni Knot, Bait Size, Hook Shank, Snell Knot, Rig Setup


    1. What is the recommended length for leader material when creating a twin hook Snell rig?
    2. Why is it important to run the line down the top of the hook while setting up the rig?
    3. How many wraps should be made for the Snell Knot on each hook in the rig?
    4. Can the twin hook rig be used for both live and dead baits?
    5. What are the advantages of using a simple Uni knot for the end hook in the rig creation process?

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