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    Tensions grow between Biden & Netanyahu in Gaza war approach

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    Tensions grow between Biden & Netanyahu in Gaza war approach

    With no ceasefire in place in Gaza yet, tensions are continuing to rise both on the ground and between the US and Israel. President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are escalating their public feud over the ongoing conflict during the Muslim observance of Ramadan. The situation has been further complicated by Netanyahu's intent to launch an offensive into Rafa at the southern border, despite warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe. President Biden has faced pressure to call for an immediate ceasefire but has resisted, criticizing Israel for a high civilian death toll. The relationship between the two leaders has shown cracks, especially following a hot mic moment by President Biden.

    International correspondent Alex Kad reports from Jerusalem on the high threat level in the region and the concerns over Israeli forces blocking access to mosques during Ramadan. Meanwhile, White House correspondent Serena Marshall covers Biden's remarks, highlighting the delicate balance the administration is trying to maintain in supporting Israel's right to defense while also calling for protection of civilians in Gaza.


    Gaza conflict, Biden, Netanyahu, ceasefire, tensions, Ramadan, humanitarian crisis, offensive in Rafa


    1. What is the current status of the conflict between Israel and Gaza?
    2. How are President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu involved in the escalating tensions?
    3. What concerns have been raised regarding Israel's offensive plans during Ramadan?
    4. How has President Biden's stance on the conflict differed from some of his fellow Democrats?
    5. What are some of the key points highlighted in the White House correspondent's report on Biden's comments and the administration's stance on the conflict?

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