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    Testing MAKEUP HACKS March 2024.. Tiktok Viral Beauty Hacks

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    Testing MAKEUP HACKS March 2024 - Tiktok Viral Beauty Hacks

    In this article, we will be exploring and testing various makeup hacks that have gone viral on TikTok. We will examine whether these hacks actually live up to the hype or if they are simply a bunch of ineffective techniques. From using face oil as a base to creating a custom lip gloss, we will put these hacks to the test and provide our honest feedback.

    Makeup Hack #1: Face Oil as a Makeup Base

    The first makeup hack we will be testing involves using face oil as a makeup base. According to a TikTok creator named Rachel Carile, applying face oil before liquid blush, concealer, and bronzer can create a flawless makeup base. However, we have concerns about using oil as a base, especially for those with oily skin. We will try this hack using the REN Barrier Support Elixir and various makeup products, and evaluate its effectiveness.

    Makeup Hack #2: Toilet Paper as Powder

    Another viral makeup hack suggests using toilet paper as a substitute for powder. This hack is credited to Danielle Felong and involves folding toilet paper into a triangle and using it to set makeup. While we have used toilet paper in the past for touch-ups on-the-go, we haven't tried it as a full replacement for powder. We will test this hack using the Studio London translucent powder and compare it to a traditional powder puff application.

    Makeup Hack #3: Eyeliner Follows Natural Eye Shadow

    The next makeup hack comes from TikTok user Ardan Rose, who recommends following the natural shadow of your eye when applying eyeliner. Rather than creating a traditional upward flick, Ardan suggests matching the shadow of your eye and extending the eyeliner in a downward direction. We will test this hack using a Sephora eyeliner and evaluate the results.

    Makeup Hack #4: Custom Lip Gloss

    The final makeup hack we will be testing involves creating a custom lip gloss. TikTok creator Alicia Martinez suggests mixing a lip liner with clear lip gloss to achieve a creamy lip gloss color with full shine. We will test this hack using the Max Factor lip liner in Brown and Nude and the REM Beauty plumping lip gloss.

    Keywords: face oil as makeup base, toilet paper as powder, eyeliner following natural eye shadow, custom lip gloss


    Q: Is using face oil as a makeup base suitable for oily skin? A: Using face oil as a makeup base may not be ideal for those with oily skin as it can potentially exacerbate shine and cause makeup to break down more quickly.

    Q: Can toilet paper effectively replace traditional powder? A: While toilet paper can be used in a pinch to set makeup, it may not provide the same smooth and even application as a powder puff.

    Q: Is following the natural shadow of the eye with eyeliner a flattering technique? A: The technique of following the natural shadow of the eye with eyeliner provides a subtle and unique look. However, individual preferences may vary, and it may not be suitable for everyone.

    Q: Does creating a custom lip gloss using a lip liner and clear gloss provide a desirable result? A: Mixing a lip liner with clear gloss can create a sheer and glossy lip color. However, the process may be time-consuming and may not offer significant advantages over using a lipstick and clear gloss separately.

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