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    Testing TikTok Minecraft Hacks That Are 100% Working

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    title: Testing TikTok Minecraft Hacks That Are 100% Working


    In today's article, we will be exploring and testing various Minecraft hacks and tricks that have gone viral on TikTok. These hacks may seem like clickbait, but we assure you that they are 100% working. Join us as we uncover these trending Minecraft hacks and tricks that will give you an edge in the game. From obtaining powerful crossbows to creating stunning water decorations, we have it all covered.

    Viral Minecraft Hacks

    How to Get an Epic Crossbow

    To start off, we will be exploring how to obtain a powerful crossbow using a combination of gunpowder, firework stars, and paper. By crafting burst firework stars and loading them into your crossbow, you can unleash devastating damage on your enemies.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Craft burst firework stars using feathers, gunpowder, and your choice of dye.
    2. Combine gunpowder and paper to create firework rockets.
    3. Load the firework rockets into your offhand slot.
    4. Load your crossbow with the firework rocket.
    5. Take aim and witness the destructive power of your epic crossbow.

    Note: This hack can also be achieved in survival mode without the use of commands.

    Creating Floating Water Decorations

    Ever wanted to add floating water in Minecraft? This viral trick will show you how to create this stunning water decoration. With a few simple Redstone contraptions and some glass blocks, you can amaze your friends with this magical floating water effect.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Build a Redstone contraption using sticky pistons, Redstone blocks, and slime blocks to create a floating platform.
    2. Place water in the center of the contraption.
    3. Break the Redstone blocks to release the water, giving the illusion of floating water.

    Note: This trick works best as a decorative feature and may not function as normal flowing water.

    Revealing the Secrets of Creepers

    Did you know that creepers have hidden X-ray vision? This hack allows you to witness the unseen by turning a charged creeper into a special spectating mob using the spyglass. Discover the secrets lurking beneath the water with this unique trick.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Obtain a trident enchanted with Channeling or wait for a thunderstorm to bring down lightning.
    2. Use the trident to strike a creeper and transform it into a charged creeper.
    3. Equip the spyglass and observe the electric charge around the creeper, allowing you to see underwater.

    Note: This trick combining the spyglass with the charged creeper's ability is an interesting glitch that may have been unintentional. Enjoy it while it lasts!

    Creating Pretty Lotus Flowers

    Unleash your creativity by building your own lotus flower in Minecraft. Using lily pads, warped trapdoors, and coral fans, you can decorate your surroundings with these beautiful and vibrant flowers.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Place a lily pad in the water and build a structure using warped trapdoors.
    2. Attach an item frame to the trapdoor and place a coral fan of your choice inside it.
    3. Surround the structure with lily pads to create a stunning lotus flower.

    Note: Experiment with different colors and coral fans to customize your lotus flower.

    The Skeleton Axolotl Mystery

    Discover a hidden feature of the axolotl by taming it with a bucket of tropical fish. This unique hack allows you to witness the rare skeleton axolotl. Although the video was clickbait, the skeleton axolotl is simply amazing to have in your Minecraft world.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Find an axolotl in the water and tame it by using a bucket of tropical fish.
    2. Witness the axolotl transforming into a skeleton axolotl, adding a cool twist to your underwater adventures.

    Note: The video was misleading, but the skeleton axolotl texture can be added using a resource pack.


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    1. Are these hacks and tricks applicable in survival mode?

      • Most of the hacks demonstrated can be performed in survival mode without the need for commands.
    2. Can the floating water decoration trick be used for practical purposes, such as creating bridges?

      • The floating water decoration trick is more suited for decorative purposes and may not function as expected for practical uses like creating bridges.
    3. Can I obtain a skeleton axolotl without using a resource pack?

      • No, the skeleton axolotl texture requires a resource pack to be added to the game.
    4. Are these hacks allowed in multiplayer servers?

      • It depends on the specific server rules and regulations. Some servers may have restrictions on certain commands or resource packs.
    5. Can I use these tricks in older versions of Minecraft?

      • The majority of these tricks should work in older versions of Minecraft, but there may be some variations and differences in execution.

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