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    Testing TikTok Minecraft Tricks That Are 100% Real

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    Testing TikTok Minecraft Tricks That Are 100% Real

    Have you ever come across viral Minecraft TikTok videos that showcase incredible tricks and hacks? You may have dismissed them as fake, but today we are putting them to the test to prove their authenticity. Watch until the end to discover some mind-blowing tricks that you can impress your friends with.

    Piglet Transformations

    The first trick we're testing involves transforming piglets into different creatures by placing various heads on them. We start by setting up a piglet testing facility with dispensers containing different heads such as creeper, skeleton, dragon, and even our own head. By placing buttons on top of each dispenser and activating them, we witness the piglets transforming into hilarious and unexpected combinations. While it may seem unreal, this trick actually works and adds a fun twist to your Minecraft world.

    Optical Illusion Chest

    Next, we explore an optical illusion that makes a chest appear much larger than it actually is. By arranging white and gray concrete blocks in a checkerboard pattern and placing a chest in the center, we create the illusion of a significantly larger chest. This trick can be used to prank your friends and confuse them with the seemingly enormous storage capacity. However, the trick relies on the perspective and positioning of the blocks, so be sure to set it up correctly for maximum effect.

    Staircase Climbing Technique

    In another viral Minecraft TikTok hack, we discover a way to ascend staircases instantly using certain blocks. By creating a specific structure with chests, stone slabs, turtle eggs, bells, chains, trapdoors, and even a cake, we are able to climb up the staircase effortlessly. The key lies in the arrangement and interaction between these blocks, allowing us to bypass the conventional method of climbing stairs. This trick can be a time-saver and add a touch of novelty to your Minecraft experience.

    Infinity Gauntlet

    Intrigued by the possibility of crafting an Infinity Gauntlet in Minecraft, we explore a popular TikTok video that claims to achieve this feat. The video showcases a dispenser containing armor sets, a command block, and a mysterious command that grants the player various heads. While the video doesn't provide the command itself, a little internet searching leads us to the correct command for the Infinity Gauntlet as well as the bell head. By implementing these commands and building a pedestal with polished deepslate and placing the heads accordingly, we can wield the mighty Infinity Gauntlet in Minecraft.

    Rainbow Glow Squids

    A TikTok video claims to have discovered a way to transform ordinary glow squids into rainbow-colored creatures. However, upon attempting the method shown in the video, we realize it does not work as advertised. To uncover the truth, we conducted further research and found a mod called "Illuminations" that introduces rainbow glow squids and other captivating lighting modifications to Minecraft. By installing this mod, gamers can genuinely experience the joy of encountering rainbow glow squids that emit vibrant colors.

    Enderman XP Farm

    Lastly, we delve into a simple yet efficient Enderman XP farm showcased in a TikTok video. By digging a 3x3 hole that is three blocks deep, adding ladders, and placing trapdoors, we create an inviting space for Endermen to fall into. Additionally, we construct a platform with a specific arrangement of blocks, including rails and a minecart with an endermite. Endermen are attracted to the endermite and fall into the hole, allowing us to easily attack them from below and gain valuable XP and ender pearls. This trick provides an effective farming method for Enderman resources.


    Minecraft, TikTok tricks, hacks, piglet transformations, optical illusion, chest, staircase climbing, Infinity Gauntlet, command block, armor sets, rainbow glow squids, Illuminations mod, Enderman XP farm.


    1. Are the piglet transformations in Minecraft real?
    • Yes, the piglet transformations shown in the TikTok video are real and can be achieved by placing various heads on the piglets using dispensers.
    1. Can the optical illusion chest trick be replicated in any Minecraft version?
    • Yes, the optical illusion chest can be created in any version of Minecraft as it relies on the arrangement and interaction of blocks.
    1. How can I climb up staircases instantly in Minecraft?
    • By following the staircase climbing technique shown in the TikTok video, utilizing specific combinations of chests, stone slabs, turtle eggs, bells, chains, trapdoors, and cake, you can ascend staircases instantly.
    1. Can I obtain the Infinity Gauntlet in Minecraft without mods?
    • The method showcased in the TikTok video to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet requires the use of mods. However, the specific command and mod mentioned in the video can allow players to wield the Infinity Gauntlet in Minecraft.
    1. Are rainbow glow squids a natural feature in Minecraft?
    • Rainbow glow squids are not a natural feature in Minecraft. However, by installing the "Illuminations" mod, players can experience the joy of encountering rainbow-colored glow squids in the game.
    1. How can I farm XP efficiently from Endermen in Minecraft?
    • The Enderman XP farm shown in the TikTok video can be created by following the instructions provided, allowing players to easily gain XP and ender pearls from Endermen.

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