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    Testing VIRAL TikTok Hacks

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    Testing VIRAL TikTok Hacks

    Welcome back to my YouTube channel, or if you're new here, welcome to my YouTube channel! I'm Call Me Chris, and today we are going to be trying out some viral TikTok hacks. We have previously tried out hacks from Trim Trim and Five Minute Crafts, so it only makes sense to give TikTok hacks a go.

    Beauty Hack: Bigger Lips

    The first hack we are testing involves making your lips appear bigger. I have thin lips and have tried numerous hacks in the past with no success, so I'm curious to see if this one actually works. The TikTok video suggests pressing your lips against an item for five minutes to achieve plumper lips. The video only shows the top lip being pressed, but I'm going to do both.

    After several attempts, I found it difficult to achieve the desired effect due to my naturally thin lips. However, I did manage to make it work by using pre-made tight strips to help hold my lips in place. After five minutes of keeping the pressure on, I removed the strips, and my lips appeared inflamed and rash-like. Overall, this hack did not deliver the desired results.

    Puppy Paw Dryer

    In the next TikTok hack, a puppy's paws are dried by stepping on balloons filled with air. This hack aims to prevent wet paws from dirtying the floor. Since I don't have balloons, I decided to use latex gloves instead. I slipped the gloves on and had my dog, Kevin, step on them. While he was not thrilled with the process, it did work effectively in keeping his paws dry.

    Popping Popcorn with a Hair Straightener

    This TikTok hack claims that you can pop popcorn by placing a single kernel between a hair straightener and waiting for it to pop. I was skeptical about this one but decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, after waiting for a considerable amount of time, only one kernel popped out of the several I had inside. This hack proved to be more of a disappointment than a success.

    Puppy Under Plastic Wrap

    In this TikTok hack, a plastic wrap is stretched between a door frame, creating an invisible barrier. I attempted to recreate this hack with my dog, Kevin. Initially, the plastic wrap secured with tape seemed effective, but upon testing, Kevin easily bypassed the barrier by going underneath it. This hack did not work as intended, and Kevin was left puzzled by my attempt to confine him.

    Walking in Place

    The next TikTok hack involves imitating a moonwalk by appearing to walk in place. I gave it a go, even though I'm not skilled in dancing. Surprisingly, with some practice and the right footwork, I was able to achieve the illusion of walking in place. It was a fun hack to try, but not something I would do on a regular basis.

    Blanket Disappearing Act

    In this TikTok hack, someone throws a blanket over themselves and hides, confusing their dog. I decided to give this hack a try with my dog Kevin. I prepared the setup by placing a large black blanket over the couch and then hiding beneath it. When Kevin entered the room, I threw a toy to distract him and assumed he wouldn't notice me. However, he quickly found me hiding, proving that my dog is smarter than I thought.


    Viral TikTok Hacks, Beauty Hack, Bigger Lips, Puppy Paw Dryer, Popping Popcorn with Hair Straightener, Puppy Under Plastic Wrap, Walking in Place, Blanket Disappearing Act


    1. Do TikTok hacks really work?
    2. Can I achieve plumper lips using the TikTok hack?
    3. Will my dog's paws stay dry by stepping on balloons instead of using a towel?
    4. Can popcorn be popped with a hair straightener?
    5. Is it possible to restrict a dog's movement using plastic wrap?
    6. Can I imitate a moonwalk by walking in place?
    7. Will my dog be confused if I hide under a blanket?

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