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    Testing Viral TikTok MAKEUP HACKS

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    Testing Viral TikTok MAKEUP HACKS


    In today's video, we will be checking out and trying some popular TikTok makeup hacks. As a beauty enthusiast, I am always looking for new techniques and tricks to update my makeup game. So, let's dive right in and see if these hacks live up to the hype.

    Eyebrow Hack

    The first hack we will be testing is an eyebrow hack. The video demonstrates using a makeup wipe to shape and define the eyebrows. While initially skeptical, the end result actually turned out quite decent. By cleaning up the eyebrows and using some concealer, the final look was surprisingly good.

    Nose Contour Hack

    Next, we tried a nose contour hack. This hack involved using a triangular sponge with baking powder applied to it. The result was supposed to be a perfectly contoured nose. However, for some reason, the hack didn't work as expected and the nose contour looked exaggerated and unnatural.

    Eyeshadow as Lip Gloss Hack

    Moving on, we tested a hack that claimed to turn eyeshadows into lip gloss. The process involved tapping the desired eyeshadow color onto the hand and then applying lip balm over it. The result was a custom lip color that looked impressive. This hack opens up endless possibilities for creating unique lip shades using eyeshadows.

    Mascara Application Hack

    One hack that really impressed me was the mascara application technique. This technique involved applying mascara in three coats, starting from the tips of the lashes and working towards the roots. The final result was beautifully curled lashes that were much more visible and voluminous.

    False Lash Application Hack

    Another lash-related hack we tried was applying lash glue as eyeliner before attaching false lashes. This technique aimed to make the lash glue tackier and easier to apply. While the hack did work effectively in terms of adhesive properties, it required caution to prevent getting lash glue all over the lashes.


    Overall, testing these viral TikTok makeup hacks was a fun experience. Some hacks worked surprisingly well, like the eyebrow hack and mascara application hack, while others fell short of expectations. It's always interesting to see different approaches and techniques in the world of makeup.


    Makeup hacks, TikTok, eyebrows, nose contour, eyeshadow, lip gloss, mascara, false lashes, beauty technique, viral trends.


    Q: Are these TikTok makeup hacks worth trying? A: It depends on personal preference and experience. Some of the hacks, like the eyebrow hack and mascara application hack, yielded positive results. However, individual results may vary, and it's important to adapt techniques to suit one's unique features.

    Q: Can eyeshadows really be used as lip gloss? A: Yes, the hack of mixing eyeshadows with lip balm can create custom lip colors. However, it's essential to use non-toxic eyeshadows and be cautious of potential allergies or reactions.

    Q: Which of these hacks was the most successful? A: The mascara application hack and the eyebrow hack were the most successful in our testing. They provided noticeable improvements to lash volume and eyebrow definition.

    Q: Are these hacks suitable for beginners? A: While some hacks may require a certain level of skill and practice, beginners can certainly try them out. It's important to start with minimal product application and gradually build up to achieve the desired results.

    Q: Where can I find more makeup hacks and trends? A: TikTok is an excellent platform to discover new makeup hacks and trends. Many beauty influencers and makeup artists share their tips and tricks on the platform. Additionally, beauty websites and magazines often feature articles on the latest makeup hacks and trends.

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