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    Text to CG human explainer video | AI tools for creator

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    Text to CG human explainer video | AI tools for creator

    Are you a content creator looking for a seamless way to convert your text into engaging and visually appealing videos? Look no further! With MovieRulz, you can now transform your text into real and CG human characters in just minutes, without the need for any editing skills. This innovative platform offers over 20 languages and 80+ characters to choose from, making it easier than ever to bring your scripts to life. Simply select your character, type out your script, and submit to generate a captivating video that combines real and CG elements seamlessly.


    • Text to video conversion
    • CG human characters
    • MovieRulz platform
    • 20+ languages
    • Easy video creation
    • No editing skills required


    • How many languages does MovieRulz support for text to video conversion? MovieRulz supports over 20 languages, making it versatile for creators worldwide.

    • Do I need any editing skills to use MovieRulz for creating videos? No, MovieRulz eliminates the need for editing skills, allowing creators to generate videos in just three simple steps.

    • What types of characters are available on MovieRulz for video creation? MovieRulz offers a selection of 80+ real and CG human characters, providing a wide range of options for creators to choose from.

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