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    Text to Speech AI Voice Generator - Talking.Network Review by Hoz

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    Text to Speech AI Voice Generator - Talking.Network Review by Hoz

    Talking Network is a speech service that converts text to audio using artificial intelligence, offering a variety of voices and supporting over 65 languages. In this video review by Hoz, the website and offerings of Talking.Network are explored, the tool is tested with non-fiction and fiction texts, pros and cons are discussed, and pricing details are shared. The review showcases the capabilities and limitations of this text-to-speech software.


    Text-to-speech, AI voice generator, Talking.Network, artificial intelligence, language support, voice options, pricing, review, Hoz.


    1. Is Talking.Network user-friendly?

      • The interface of Talking.Network is described as simple and minimalistic, making it easy to use. Users can input text, choose a voice, and generate audio with just a few clicks.
    2. What pricing plans does Talking.Network offer?

      • Talking.Network provides a free package with a one-time payment of zero dollars for 4,000 characters. Paid plans include a starter package, growth package, monthly recurring plans, and an unlimited plan at varying prices.
    3. Can Talking.Network be used for audiobooks?

      • While Talking.Network may not be suitable for full audiobooks due to limitations in voice control and intonation, it can be useful for creating short audio clips, voicemails, presentations, and other smaller pieces of content.

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