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    Text to Video Generator | Script to Video with Ai | Best Ai Tool

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    Text to Video Generator | Script to Video with AI | Best AI Tool

    In this article, we will explore a powerful AI tool that enables you to convert text into videos effortlessly. This remarkable tool allows you to create engaging videos by simply inputting a script or generating ideas. Whether you are a content creator, YouTuber, or looking to monetize your videos, this tool can revolutionize your video production process.

    1. Detailed Article in Markdown Syntax

    So hello guys, friends, if you have opened the video, friends, in today's video I will tell you, friends, if you want to create a video, friends, you can convert any long video here on a simple small text. You can, friends, I am telling you only one text to video conversion, before this I made many more videos on text to video, you can go and check out on my playlist and friends, if you have come to my video for the first time. Friends, if you like the video and subscribe to the channel, then friends, today I will tell you how to convert any text into video and friends, with this method you can also create your own YouTube's and earn a lot of money. So how to do it, friends, you have to watch the entire video till the end, friends, let's move ahead in the video, so friends, if you have a laptop or you have an Android phone, then friends, both are going to work here, so friends, first of all I will tell you. Here I go to my browser, friends, when my browser opens here, then friends, I will tell you a website here, which you have to put on the same age website here, friends, the name of this website is friends Vela Is Vela friends. This is the website of AI and it is a very amazing website, in this you are going to get all the things here absolutely free with proof, I will show you the entire video here after converting it, friends, my website has been opened here. Friends, if I open the website which is on the first number from here, then this is my website. Friends, whatever is open here, it is already there. Friends, I have already logged in on this website. If friends, you are here till now. Not logged in, friends, you have to simply sign up here, you can create your Google's, friends, you do not have to do anything, it is free, you are getting the basic plan absolutely free, friends, till now it is free, it may be possible in future. It gets paid but till now it is free so you can use it unlimitedly. Okay now friends I will take it now friends I back here and from back here I click on sign for free then I go straight friends to this website. Okay, now friends, here you can see here, here you will get four options, okay, create video, upload to edit and screen recording and video recording, friends, screen recording, video recording, both of these are basic which are here. The method is like I am recording here, so this is a normal screen recording and friends, this one is a video recording, with this you friends will see with your camera, meaning you will also see and the camera's screen will also see, all the things will happen together and if If you have already saved a video, you can also edit it by uploading it here, but I have not made any video here. If I want to make a simple video with just a text, then how to make it is simple. Here I have to click on Create Video. And friends, when I click on Create Video here, I will have some five options open here. First friends, the idea will come and second will come text, so friends, you are not confused at all here. It has to be friends, both these methods are the same here, if I tell you in the idea option, then friends, here I will tell you both the methods, okay, but the important method here is the idea option. In this method, you will have to work less and by just entering a simple title or topic, you will get all the content. Okay, friends, here in the text option, you will have to write a script. How to generate that script? If you want to do that, I will tell you how to do it, so don't worry about that too. After that, friends, here you will get the option of normal block and the option of voice and video. You will get the option of image to video. So this is basic, I have made videos before also, ok on this, now friends, I will go here, first of all, I will show you a text option, what happens in the text option, so friends, I will go to the text option. Friends, here you have to write the script like normal, okay, whatever topic you are going to put on your channel or you want my video in this topic, then you have to prepare the script here like normal, okay. You have to enter a normal script and you have to tell a little about the video here, describe what type of kid video it is, okay now as you friends want to make a script here, then to make the script friends here. I am telling you a method, you have to go to Chat GPT from normal friends, okay after going to Chat GPT, okay here you have to simply type it like if you want any topic then its. If you want a script then here you have to simply write ' Write a script on how to become how to become a writer'. So friends, if you put it here then these four GBT will generate and give you the complete script here, okay like this. You can see that my entire script has started getting generated here, friends, once the entire script is generated here, then you do not have to do anything, you have to copy it completely from here, after copying, friends. Here you have to paste it, describe a little about the type of your video, after that friends, after doing this you will get the continue button here, after that you have to go ahead and here your video will be generated. It will start but on this, friends, you need a script here, so friends, I told you about the text option, okay, if you want to make it from a script, then you can make it from such a script, okay, but today I will tell you from the idea, friends. This method is from the idea, friends, here you do not need to put much information here at all, okay you have to describe it here, right now if I want a video on some topic here then I will put it here. I am wondering how to become how to become a user, so I need a video on this, I don't know, I don't know the script, I need a video on this, now okay, I will put a simple here and generate the video on this here. I will click on it, okay and as soon as I click on generate here, some loading will start here, that means the script of my video will automatically start writing here, okay, you can see that the script of my title is automatic. Generating has started here, you just have to wait for a few seconds and after loading, the video that you open will automatically convert into a video and you will get all the things as it is, the topic on which you want the video and Friends, when your video is ready here, you can watch that video from your different platforms. It is a very simple method. Now see friends, my video has been generated here, it has been a few seconds and I amhere friends. If If you see, the script is also available here automatically, the entire script is written here, from intro to outro, everything is there. Now friends, what to do here, if friends, what to do here. If you want to edit this video of yours here, then you have to go to the edit option. Friends, here you like me, if there is a video here, see it here, see a watermark show here. Yes, friends, if you do not want a watermark then you have to delete this scene from here. Ok, after deleting it, now you have to go here simply to media page and friends, after going to media page. Here you have to search any video, any topic here, like I search here, like here I am a youtube0 video, I have to put it forward, now I will confirm it and friends, it will be automatically trimmed. Friends, as many seconds as my video requires, that video has been placed in front of me. Now I will show it to friends by playing it once. Hey, let's get started. So friends, this thing has been installed here and I am liking it very much now. Friends, what do you have to do here, nothing has to be done, friends, what do you have to do here, now friends, you have to go to the export button above, but before that, it is okay if you preview it once as I am telling you. If I do a preview, then after previewing, friends, my video is of total 40 seconds. Now friends, do not do anything here, there will be an export button in front of you, friends, you have to click on the export button, after clicking you have to save the video. After that, friends, you can pick up this video and upload it on the platform from anywhere and earn a lot of money, friends, this video. If you like the website, then tell me by commenting and friends, share this video with as many people as possible so that they can also apply this method and generate their content and move ahead. Friends, I will meet you. Another such new video

    2. Article Summary

    The text to video generator tool discussed in this article allows users to effortlessly convert a text script into engaging videos. By simply inputting a script or generating ideas, users can create videos without extensive editing or recording efforts. The tool offers both text and idea options, allowing users to convert their scripts or generate scripts based on a given topic. Users can further enhance their videos by adding free video clips related to their content. The tool also provides automatic subtitles and allows users to preview and export their videos for monetization purposes.

    Keywords: text to video, script to video, AI tool, video production, content creation, YouTube, monetization.

    3. FAQs

    Q1: Is the text to video generator tool free?

    A1: Yes, the basic plan of the tool is currently available for free, offering a range of features for users.

    Q2: Can I use my own video clips with the tool?

    A2: Yes, the tool allows users to upload and edit their own video clips alongside generated content.

    Q3: Can I monetize the videos created with this tool?

    A3: Absolutely! Once you have exported the generated video, you can upload it to various platforms and earn money through monetization.

    Q4: How accurate are the automatic subtitles generated by the tool?

    A4: The tool provides automatic subtitles for the generated videos but may require manual review and adjustments for optimal accuracy.

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