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    The 70 Best Free LUTs Hand-picked By A Colorist For Your Films

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    The 70 Best Free LUTs Hand-picked By A Colorist For Your Films

    There are countless LUTs available for free or for purchase in the market, but as a filmmaker, you often end up using only a handful of them that truly elevate the look of your films. Denver Riddle, a renowned colorist, has put in extensive effort to curate the best set of cinematic LUTs to help you enhance your branding and achieve stunning visuals. His expertise, stemming from creating original video filters for Instagram, ensures that these LUTs prioritize skin tones and work seamlessly in various lighting scenarios. This collection includes LUTs for log to rec709 conversion, creative looks inspired by Hollywood, and 35mm film emulation, among others. Denver Riddle recommends using Cinematch to effortlessly preview and select the right LUTs for your project in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.


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    1. What makes Denver Riddle's cinematic LUTs stand out? Denver Riddle's LUTs are renowned for their emphasis on skin tones and versatility in different lighting conditions, ensuring they enhance rather than wash out subjects.

    2. Can these LUTs be used with different cameras? Yes, the collection includes LUTs designed for log to rec709 conversion that work well with various camera setups, offering a seamless color grading solution.

    3. How can Cinematch enhance the LUT selection process? Cinematch allows users to view and apply LUTs directly in the viewer, simplifying the process of finding the perfect look for your project in popular editing software like Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.

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