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    The 8 BEST TikTok Niches in 2024 (Creativity Program)

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    The 8 BEST TikTok Niches in 2024 (Creativity Program)

    Please note that the following article is a summary of a video script.

    In recent years, teenagers have been making thousands of dollars each month by posting faceless TikTok videos. The Creativity Program, a TikTok initiative, is paying creators up to $ 1,000 per 1 million qualified views. If you want to earn $ 10,000 a month by 2024, this is your best shot. In this article, we will explore eight of the most popular faceless TikTok niches that can help you make thousands of dollars quickly.

    1. Cartoon Character Thoughts Niche

    One popular niche is the Cartoon Character Thoughts Niche. In these types of videos, cartoon characters talk about random facts, shower thoughts, and unethical life tips while answering questions. You can choose an existing cartoon character or create your own using AI image-generating software. To get the character's voiceover, you can use AI voice cloning features available in platforms like 1-1 Labs. Add aesthetically pleasing backgrounds, captions, and you're good to go.

    2. Conspiracy Theories

    The Conspiracy Theories Niche encompasses a wide range of topics. A sub-niche within this category is themed around well-known podcasters like Joe Rogan. These videos use AI-generated voiceovers that sound just like Joe Rogan's, combined with short clips of him speaking and other relevant footage. Another sub-niche is based on Simpsons predictions, as The Simpsons has famously predicted various events. These videos use a mix of Simpsons footage, AI-generated images, and voiceovers to create engaging content.

    3. Cliffhanger Stories

    Cliffhanger Stories are highly popular TikTok videos, known for their catchy hooks and cliffhanger endings that leave viewers eagerly awaiting part two. Storytelling in these videos is usually done using images and captions, and the editing is minimal. This niche can help you quickly gain a following, as viewers are more likely to follow an account that leaves them wanting more.

    4. Chat PT Story Niche

    Another trending niche is the Chat PT Story Niche. These videos feature creators asking Chat PT to generate interesting images or modify existing ones. This niche is especially popular now, and you can use tools like Chat PT and editing software like CapCut to create engaging content easily. Additionally, platforms like Crayo offer an even quicker way to generate these types of videos.

    5. Text Message Stories

    Text Message Stories have gained significant popularity recently. These videos tell stories through conversations, often mimicking iMessage or Instagram DM conversations. You can make them even more engaging by posing them as Tinder conversations, utilizing eye-catching hooks to grab viewers' attention. Creating these videos is relatively simple, using sites like to generate fake messages and AI voice cloning software for voiceovers.

    6. Quiz Niche

    The Quiz Niche is another popular category on TikTok, with accounts having hundreds of thousands of followers. These videos challenge viewers to guess country names, logos, characters, or answer various questions. By engaging viewers' brains, these videos stand out among mindless scrolling and have a higher chance of going viral.

    7. News Niche

    Focusing on currently trending topics is a surefire way to go viral on TikTok. The News Niche relies on creating videos about current events and trends. You can choose to have a faceless account, use AI voiceovers, or film yourself discussing news topics. This niche allows for a lot of variety and can help you quickly grow your following.

    8. Dangerous Video/Blue C/N North Sea Niche

    The Dangerous Video/Blue C/N North Sea Niche gained popularity with videos showcasing the danger of the North Sea and similar bodies of water. These videos are usually compilations set to background music, capturing the interest of viewers. Additionally, there are similar video styles focused on blue-collar jobs, Antarctic exploration, and even garbage trucks.

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    Q1: How much can creators earn through the Creativity Program? Creators can earn up to $ 1,000 per 1 million qualified views through the Creativity Program on TikTok.

    Q2: Do I need AI voice cloning software to create the cartoon character thoughts niche? AI voice cloning software is not mandatory but can be used to create voiceovers that sound like famous characters. You can also use existing character dialogues.

    Q3: Are TikTok niches limited to certain topics? No, TikTok niches can cover a wide range of topics, from conspiracy theories to news and even dangerous videos. The possibilities are endless.

    Q4: Do I need a large following to join the Creativity Program? Yes, the TikTok Creativity Program requires a minimum of 10,000 followers to join. However, some of the mentioned niches can help you quickly reach this requirement.

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