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    The 90x TikTok Growth Strategy for 2022

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    The 90x TikTok Growth Strategy for 2022

    If you're thinking about starting a TikTok channel, you may have heard the advice to wait until you have at least 90 videos. This may seem overwhelming, but there is a strategic reason behind this recommendation. Running TikTok channels for brands has shown that posting three videos a day can yield significantly higher results compared to posting just one video a day. This is because TikTok tends to favor consistent and serious creators, and viewers prefer to see familiar faces. As such, the first month on TikTok is crucial for growth, making it important to have a bank of content ready before launching your channel.

    As a marketing strategy, focusing on producing a large volume of content upfront can lead to exponential growth and audience engagement. By scripting and planning out 90 videos before starting your TikTok channel, you can take full advantage of TikTok's algorithm and maximize the potential for rapid growth.


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    1. Why is it recommended to have 90 videos prepared before starting a TikTok channel?

      • Having a bank of 90 videos allows for consistent posting, which aligns with TikTok's algorithm favoring serious creators. This strategy can lead to faster growth and increased audience engagement.
    2. How can scripting 90 videos in advance benefit a TikTok channel?

      • Scripting 90 videos in advance ensures a steady stream of content for the first month of the channel's launch, maximizing exposure and potential audience reach.
    3. What are the advantages of posting three TikTok videos a day over one video a day?

      • Posting three videos a day can yield significantly higher results, as TikTok favors consistent creators and viewers prefer seeing familiar faces. This approach can lead to three times the engagement and growth compared to posting just once a day.

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