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    The AI Video Interview

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    The AI Video Interview

    If you get invited for a first-round interview with a large company in the near future, it's possible that it will be an automated video interview. This article discusses the experience of interviewing in the age of artificial intelligence, where software bots use AI to analyze verbal and nonverbal information in video interviews. Companies use these platforms to automate the recruitment process, increase efficiency, and minimize human bias in the screening process. To help candidates succeed in this format, the article breaks down what to expect in the process, how to set up the physical space for the interview, and how to prepare effectively.

    What to expect

    A typical automated video interview involves preparing responses to questions displayed on screen within a time limit, recording your responses, and potentially having them analyzed for keywords and nonverbal cues by the AI software.

    How to set up your physical space

    It is essential to have a webcam and microphone in good working order, place them at eye level in a quiet, clutter-free environment with good lighting, and ensure a strong internet connection for the interview.

    How to prepare yourself

    Candidates should dress professionally, research the employer, and practice common interview questions. Specific tips include maintaining eye contact with the camera, projecting positivity, avoiding upspeak and filler words, and rehearsing with video recordings to improve facial expressions and vocal inflection.


    Automated video interview, Artificial intelligence, Recruitment process, Efficiency, Human bias, Nonverbal cues, Eye contact, Preparation strategies, Dressing professionally, Common interview questions.


    1. What is an automated video interview?
    2. Why do companies use AI software for interviews?
    3. How should candidates set up their physical space for an automated video interview?
    4. What are some tips for preparing for an AI video interview?
    5. How can candidates improve their nonverbal cues during video interviews?

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