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    The BEST, Local Text-to-Speech Generator - AI Voice Cloning (Tortoise TTS)

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    The BEST, Local Text-to-Speech Generator - AI Voice Cloning (Tortoise TTS)

    In today's article, we will be exploring Tortoise TTS, a local text-to-speech (TTS) software known for its impressive performance in AI voice cloning. This software stands out among its competitors and is gaining popularity among users as a preferred option over other TTS solutions like 11 Labs. We will delve into audio samples and compare the results to illustrate why Tortoise TTS is regarded so highly.

    To begin, let's take a closer look at the audio samples generated by Tortoise TTS. Using Elden Ring, a recent video game known for its exceptional voice acting, the author compares the original audio with the text-to-speech audio generated by Tortoise TTS. While the original audio portrays more natural intonation, Tortoise TTS comes close with an impressive reproduction, making it a commendable option for voice synthesis.

    Moving on to the comparison with 11 Labs, the author provides multiple audio samples where the voice generation is done using both software. By playing each sample side by side, users can judge the quality and decide which one sounds better in their opinion. The author emphasizes that while 11 Labs may offer a crisper audio, Tortoise TTS excels in replicating the feel and intonation of the voice, making it a favored choice.

    Now, let's take a look at how Tortoise TTS works. It is a software available on GitHub, which allows users to train the base model and fine-tune it to their preferences. While this article does not include a setup tutorial, the author briefly explains the process involved in training a model using Tortoise TTS. The software provides various tabs, such as training, generation, history, utilities, and settings, enabling users to prepare, generate, and run their desired models. The settings tab allows for model selection based on the user's trained voices.

    In the generation tab, the author demonstrates how to generate audio using Tortoise TTS. By adjusting settings like sample size and iterations, users can control the speed and quality of audio generation. The author also highlights the importance of tweaking experimental settings like length penalty and repetition penalty to improve the naturalness and coherence of the synthesized voice.

    The author elaborates on the voices they have personally trained using Tortoise TTS. These voices include Melina, Godfrey, Gideon, and Eno, each tailored to reproduce a specific character's voice in Elden Ring. The author showcases audio samples generated by these voices to demonstrate their accuracy and quality, particularly when trained on clean audio recordings.

    The article concludes with the author sharing some projects they have created using Tortoise TTS. One such project involves two AI systems engaging in dialogue, showcasing the capabilities of TTS voice in conversational scenarios. Other projects include incorporating the voice into Vivi for AI streaming purposes, as well as creating an AI audiobook voice narrator, allowing for the conversion of text into audio narration. The author provides examples and links to these projects, further illustrating the versatility and potential of Tortoise TTS.


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    Q: How does Tortoise TTS compare to other TTS software like 11 Labs?
    A: While 11 Labs may offer crisper audio, Tortoise TTS excels in replicating the natural feel and intonation of the voice, making it a preferred choice for many users.

    Q: Can users train their own voices with Tortoise TTS?
    A: Yes, Tortoise TTS allows users to train and fine-tune their own models, offering a higher level of customization compared to other TTS solutions.

    Q: What kind of projects can be created using Tortoise TTS?
    A: Tortoise TTS opens doors to various creative projects, such as AI dialogue systems, voice integration in streaming platforms, and even AI audiobook narration. The possibilities are vast and limited only by the user's imagination and requirements.

    Q: Is Tortoise TTS resource-intensive?
    A: To achieve optimal performance, Tortoise TTS benefits from a capable GPU, preferably a 30 series or above. However, lower-end GPUs like the 20 series or older models can still be utilized, though training capabilities may be limited.

    Q: Can Tortoise TTS voices be used for commercial purposes?
    A: It is essential to review the licensing and usage terms of Tortoise TTS and the specific models trained. Some voices may have restrictions or require further permissions for commercial use. Always ensure compliance with the applicable licenses and terms.

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